say what you need to say

There is a duck wing outside my door...
the dog brought it over and won't take it back.

Proverbs 20:11 is written on our dining room window...
we use the large picture window for our white board.
It works really well.

The boys got a lava lamp from Papa...
and I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying it as much as them.
Which has me pondering where my old lava lamp went.

Some friends of ours brought their go-kart over....
um yeah, the boys really want one now.

I ordered all of our school books last week...
they have been arriving daily.
Getting deliveries out in the middle of no where is somehow...
more exciting and challenging.

I love pandora radio...
on my Livio.
Music makes me happy.

We found a turtle on the side of the road the other day...
we debated on keeping it.
We put it back...
since we already have too many animals. :)

My kitchen faucet is leaking....
and the kitchen drain seems to be clogged.

I still have photos that I want to share from our summer RV trip.
Wonder when that will happen?! :)

We're always out of toilet paper...
I buy it and then who knows what happens....
because we are almost always out.

Ozzie wrote his name somewhere he really shouldn't have...
and he knew it.

I'm missing one green and white striped knee-high of the girls...
if you see it would you let me know. :)

The girls keep talking about cousin Brilyn...
they LOVED having her here!

This is the picture I should have shared when I tweeted about 3 girls in pig-tails....
not the picture of a machine shop sign.

There is a bean sprout in my shower...
and beans in my washing machine and dryer.
You can see our old, yucky, shower here....
if you dare. :)

Ozzie fell in the gravel drive and cut his forehead open.
One of the hunters carried him into the house...
and said he fell and hit a rock.
I later heard the whole story...
the hunters dog knocked him down.
Wish they would have just told me what really happened.

I am still not finished painting my room...
I was almost done and then I ran out of paint.
And yes there are no pillow cases on my pillows and we're using a chair for a nightstand.

I soaked almonds yesterday...
dehydrated them today
and can't wait to eat them!

We ate our entire dinner from the garden tonight...
I love meals like that.

6 of us ended up in the field the other day...
all needing a ride back to the farm.
We ended up all squeezing into a friends tiny Toyota pick-up...
now that was a fun ride! :)

I've had a head-ache all day...
it's from someone, that shall remain un-named, burning the pit.
The pit that had old carpet, tires & hunters scraps.
The pit that should never be burned. Uggg!

The RV is parked outside my cracked bedroom window.
Every time I look at it I think about our trip we're planning this winter.

We're going to the big city tomorrow...
to take the kids to a water-park.
Yeah, they're excited!
and so am I!


  1. Salt in Suburbia10/12/11, 9:31 PM

    Why is it that the turtles start coming out again this time of the year? My boys have found a couple lately too. It's hard to convince them to leave them where we found them -- that they will be more happy outside than at our house.

  2. brittanyclaire10/13/11, 9:48 AM

    We kept one in an outdoor habitat last year... but we probably won't do it again. We learned a lot and now just finding them is enough. :)

  3. Twin's momma10/13/11, 11:13 AM

    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog!!  I stop by every so often to read but I usually never comment because I too am strapped for time with our five children running around, two of which are 2-year-old girly twins!!!  Twins are awesome and I'm pretty sure that is JUST ONE of the reasons I love your blog!

  4. brittanyclaire10/13/11, 11:42 AM

    Thank you for taking the time to let me know....i totally understand how crazy life can be, especially with twins! :)
    Glad you're here reading and hope to hear from you know when you're not busy. Ha!

  5. Not sure how, but you can even make the toilet paper inventory interesting! Doesn't say much about my life, but I love reading about yours.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  6. Whats the color of your bedroom? I love it!  I also enjoy reading your blog!

  7. Whenever I need inspiration I pop into your blog.  Which is about once a day.

    I love reading about your everyday life and your pictures are stunning!

  8. i agree with flona, your pictures are stunning, but my eyes go immediately to your watermark & it pulls me away from your work.  just wanted to give you an observation from the outside.. not meaning to be stupid. ;)

  9. brittanyclaire10/16/11, 3:29 PM

    Uggg... I know what you mean. I wish I didn't feel the need to put my watermark on all my photos... I've just had so many stolen and used on facebook, flickr & blogs. :(

  10. brittanyclaire10/16/11, 3:30 PM

    Thanks Fiona! You all inspire me too!


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