you ask it

I've done plenty of
you asked it posts in the past
but it's been a while
so I thought it would be fun to do another

not that there is anything you need to know
but sometimes it's just fun to know
or helpful to know
or encourging to know

so if you have anything you'd like to know

what is that hanging on your well?
what kind of water do you drink?

what do you drive that fits your family?
how far out in the country do you live?
do you have to get a car wash every time you go to town?

are your cats indoor or outdoor cats?
do the boys work on the farm?

do you let the girls dress themselves?
do you give your kids candy?

or anything else like that {grin}


  1. i would love to hear the answer to all those questions. also these...

    being a mother of six myself, i would love to know what you like to do just for YOU?

    where do you see yourself in the future. do you like it where you are at or do you and your husband have plans to move from the farm one day?

  2. I am wondering... yes, what kind of water do you drink? We drink ionized, alkaline water made with an Enagic machine. Yum! So healthy!

  3. What do you do for preschool school for your girls? ;) I always love these posts.

  4. What is your favorite camera lens to use when taking pictures of your kids? I love my 50mm, but would also like a good zoom lens.

  5. What kind of Camera do you use? Lens? Any editing software?

  6. Oh, oh...there was a post you did in the past where you talked about how you introduce solids to your babies as their teeth come in in a certain order. I've been trying to find that post and can't. Can you repost or touch on that?

    I would also love to see how your school room turned out. STill haven't seen it and I'll bet it looks fab! ;)

  7. Do the girls still breastfeed? If not, how did you get them to stop?

  8. I'm curious about how you keep the weeds out of your garden? I have one about 1/4 that size and I can't keep up, let alone get my ground to look as beautiful as yours does in your garden post pictures.


  9. I have been a stalker of your blog and don't know why. I decided I would come out today. I really do love your blog and so do my girls (twins 16 yrs old). I don't have anything to ask, but I can't wait to read what everyone else asks. : )

  10. Are you saying you all fit into that rig? I mean, I know you could all fit in that rig, but I've never seen one with 8 seatbelts.

    We have a 2004 Chevy Venture that seats eight. They are tough to find but the Pontiac Transsports or Montanas, Oldsmobile Silhouettes, and the Ventures all come with that option until about 2005. That's if your going for the smaller minivan as opposed to the bigger SUVs.

    My question, "How's the harvest this year?"

    Have you ever tried acorns? They were so prolific this year we had gathered some for crafts but Amanda kept peeling them and I was afraid she would eat them. I finally Googled and found out they can be eaten they just need to be processed to remove the tannins. It's a long process and we still haven't eaten any yet.

  11. I also would like to hear about the girls' preschool! But since someone already asked that, I was wondering...are your kids good sleepers? I'm currently in the throws of a 4 month old who only sleeps in two-hour long stretches at a time. I co-slept with my oldest until she was 6 months old and then over night she was just ready for her crib, but this little boy flails about too much and gets frustrated. So I was wondering, what's your take on the whole sleep thing? Do you guys co-sleep or cry it out or schedule from early on? I figure after so many kids you must have a good system by now? ;)

  12. I have been curious as to how you all fit into the truck! I can barely fit one car seat into my car haha.

    How are you such an amazing gardener and can you share your green thumb?

  13. your photos is so clear!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!