one day of photos and words

do you ever lay down at night and think...
what did I do today?!

I sure do!
life is so full, so busy, so real
that sometimes I live so much in the moment
...I forget it later
which is why I LOVE pictures

bringing back the emotion, the sounds and the memories of that moment

I know I told you about the Triplets
...but I don't think I introduced you to them

Milo, Moby & Marley

they are responsible for mass amounts of...
snuggling, laughs, sighs, awwws, chasing & picture taking

I could say the same about these 2 little ladies
...who I desperately need to write a birthday post about
so I can document every little thing I remember about them right now
before I forget, because I'm busy...
snuggling, giggling, chasing, awww-ing, picture taking & teaching

the girls are doing school this year
and they LOVE it
they ask for it, daily.
we use pathway reader workbooks
and lots of other hands on things
I could write a whole post about preschool school know, if I found the time {grin}

This amazing boy just turned ELEVEN
gasp, sniff-sniff, sigh...
I must write a birthday post for him as well
watching him learn and grow is a gift
...and I never want to forget
so I must write a birthday post!
feel free to pester me until I do {grin}

I take my camera with me almost everywhere
especially when we go for a drive
I am always in awe...
of the beauty that surrounds us
the masterpieces in the sky, that never look the same
the water that is everywhere, especially while so many are in drought

we farm beans, soy beans, monsanto soy beans to be specific
I don't like monsanto or soy
but sometimes to make big changes you have to start small
and I believe God has bigger and better plans than we do.

we also, as of recently, farm rocks
I use the term we loosely, because I don't actually pick the rocks
well...except that one time
but yeah...
now we farm beans & rocks

so here is one day
of photos
and words


  1. Beautiful and gorgeous photos.

    Monsanto....booooo! So sorry you have to deal with them.

  2. OH, I'd LOVE to hear about how you do preschool-school for the girls! When you have time...of course ;)

  3. Wow - all terrific photos and moments, but that last one should be sold in stores! Wow!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Those kittens. OMG.


  5. My husband and I just watched a documentary on Monsanto.... The fact that you have to deal with them at all is a major bummer. Ugg. (Shudder) I do NOT envy you at all. On the bright side, you have a beautiful farm and an AMAZING garden that I would love to have.

  6. Your family...and your photos are just beautiful! :o)

  7. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog this morning! Your photography is amazing, and your little subjects are adorable! We also have six children and the last two were identical twin BOYS. What a joy they are, aren't they?? I find it funny when I'm at a store with them (i rarely go shopping with any of the children, but on Wednesdays my mom keeps the others so I have just them), and people look at me in PITY and say 'Geez, you have your hands full!'...and I add 'Yes, and my heart!". Twins, while their mischievous and busyness are multiplied times two, are in some ways easier than a one. They have each other.

    Thank you for having such a beautiful blog to land on! Looking forward to return visits!


  8. Agh! Gorgeous kittens. Cutest kitty pic I've seen in a while.

    Jay H


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