it's time

it's time

...for combining during the day
and making trips to town for food, supplies and tractor parts

it's time

...for trucking and trucking and trucking

....for meeting up with your husband on the gravel road on his way back from the grain elevator
we were pulled over on the side of a road checking out a turtle we saw and then had to follow his dust trail home... if you know what I mean by that... you know what I mean {grin}

it's time

...for hunting season {do you see the ducks?}
which means we'll be sharing the farm with dozens of hunters soon
and that is always entertaining {grin}

it's time
...for beautiful harvest haze sunsets
and I must say, this photo was not edited...
it really was that beautiful!

it's time

...for combining late into the night
and bringing late night dinners to your hard working husband

...falling asleep to the lull of the combine in the near-by fields
and the crackle of their voices on the radio

it's time

...for painting walls, ripping up carpet
and pondering what to do with paint {not mine} splattered floors

it's time share some Kitten love, because he's too cute to not share!
and don't ask me which kitten this is, it's either Moby or Marley.
They are like identical twins, which is quite fitting
since they are the girls kittens.

and now
it's time
for bed

goodnight friends


  1. So beautiful!! Your new life is a blessing!!

  2. Growing up like this, I always find your posts on farming so comforting and love reading and looking at the images. And, at least you have the right color farm equipment! "Nothing runs like a Deere!" ;)

  3. Beautiful post. Natasha x

  4. love this post!!! I think your photos just keep getting better, too.


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