we have

...been on the road for almost a month now, although it doesn't feel that long.
...traveled 3,500 miles
...driven through 11 states so far
...been swimming in cold fresh spring lakes and a warm river fed reservoir
...enjoyed ski boats and a pontoon boat with a slide
...snorkeled in a river and splashed in a stream
...hiked up the dunes and through the dense forests
...caught tad poles and zebra muscles
...played in the rain and in the shade of huge trees
...made new friends and reunited with old friends
...slept in our RV in campgrounds, family & friends driveways & a walmart parking lot
...walked along sandy beaches at sunset and rocky beaches at sunrise
...rode bikes and driven 4 wheelers
...driven through the middle of the night
...grilled veggies, grass-fed beef, pizza, cinnamon rolls and pie
...smiled at strangers and waved at people passing by
...heard exciting news and sad news from home
...held baby goats, brushed little lambs and rubbed the neck of a calf
...watched, giggled and caught fire-flys
...slept through heavy rain and awoke to rumbling thunder
...eaten at a Peruvian restaurant and chipotle
...seen the massive devastation from this years tornadoes
...risen with the sun and slept in until 10am
...had a blast and a little stress at times
...talked about our much bigger trip we are planning later this year
...learned to love living in a small space


  1. so glad it went well for you; praying for your bigger trip you have coming up!

  2. Kellibwilson8/4/11, 12:23 PM

    Sounds like a pretty great trip so far. We are working on renovating a vintage Airstream right now with plans to do some roadtripping next summer. I've always wondered about staying in Walmart parking lots...my grandparent's have done it before I think. How was it with all the kids...and did you have electricity at all while you stayed in the parking lot?

  3. You never said what the result of your lawsuit was. 

  4. brittanyclaire8/4/11, 12:59 PM

    There won't be any results soon


  5. brittanyclaire8/4/11, 1:17 PM

    A vintage airstream sounds awesome! Renovating a vintage bus or motorhome was what we originally wanted to do...and we might still.
    We only stayed in the walmart parking lot once. It was okay for a night. We had battery power and full water tanks.


  6. brittanyclaire8/4/11, 1:19 PM

    Yes, well so far...only a few minor issues. Hopefully we can make it the next 2,000 miles without trouble. :)

  7. pjlitchfield8/4/11, 2:47 PM

    did i miss something?

  8. Delightful update. 

  9. Hmmm ... that's weird, for some reason my comment got erased. I was asking about your lawsuit. You were asking for prayer and I'm pretty sure there are results of you suing. Just wondering when you were going to share the results. ( :

  10. brittanyclaire8/5/11, 6:21 AM

    I responded to your question in your last comment. I am not sure what else you want.... And have no idea why you would be "pretty sure there are results"



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