Todays loves

Catching the sparkling of the sun through the dense forest.
The "i stayed up too late" grin after sleep-overs with cousins.
Spectacular snorkeling hole way out in the georgia country.
Fresh drinking water.
Watching my family play in the river.
Sweet corn on the cob and ripe peaches from the corner produce stand.
Boy hair cuts under the fans on the back porch.
Seeing the happiness on the kids faces as they feed the horse and donkeys melon rinds.
Hearing a house full of kids playing and laughing.
Freshly laundered clothes on freshly bathed children.
Being surrounded by family and friends.

Just a few of my loves today.


  1. Jrv967 (Jim)8/1/11, 4:50 PM

    Being a father of 3 boys...I can relate to almost all of your loves...One of my loves today was when my 14mth old daughter woke up unexpectedly at 5am when i was getting ready for work and we sat on the chair in the dark quiet....just the two of us!!

  2. Your blog is beautiful! So glad i came across it@ Beautiful kids! Beautiful pictures!! Looking forward to more posts.

    New follower from
    In our sea of love

  3. todays loves.....getting that greasy-headed kid of yours some REAL shampoo and a bath!


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