living dangerously

when I mentioned on twitter the other night
...that dinner was done and no one was in sight
this is where the {big} boys were...
the adventures these 3 boys can come up with

never cease to amaze me

and sometimes frighten me {grin}

the little ones wanted to join them
...but settled on watching instead

as the sun was setting
...they discovered their shadows on a grain bin

they did ninja moves

and formed letters
until someone noticed something special

they could form the 3 crosses
...and they did

now that is living dangerously!
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  1. Jamie Tobin6/20/11, 4:56 AM

    those pictures are just priceless,they need to be blown up big and hung up.The cross photo is great,It is a good thing that your kiddos are just the best friends.

  2. oh wowwee! thats awesome.

  3. Sara Erickson6/20/11, 8:30 AM

    How in the world did they get up there?  WOW!!  Hope mine are scared of heights! :)

  4. Jennifer Webster6/20/11, 9:12 AM

    That last picture gave me goosebumps! Very cool!

  5. michellekast6/20/11, 9:29 AM

    That is terrifying, but cool! Love the three crosses picture

  6. Just wait until they are all in their teens! And just how did they get down?

  7. Caseybumpinalong6/20/11, 2:05 PM

    What great shots!  Your kids are great!

  8. Mikeandkatie16/20/11, 2:47 PM

    I would not have guessed they were on the quonset.  I thought maybe the trailer.  How thrilling for them.  My heart would have been in my throat just watching them.

  9. Billmissandbrood6/20/11, 2:50 PM

    LOVE these pictures! and that you let your boys be adventerous....I love seeing what my boys come up with! =)

  10. You've always been so good about relaxing while your boys were "dangerous"! Wish I could be more like that...I"m getting better! I still can't figure out how they climbed up that thing...

  11. It looks like they had fun!  What a wonderful childhood you're giving them =)

  12. Oh the fun you can have the doesn't involve toys and electronics!

  13. brittanyclaire6/22/11, 2:12 PM

    oh I know... I was looking at the grain bin when they formed it and when I realized what they had just done it sent shivers down my spine. glad I was there to capture it! :)

  14. brittanyclaire6/22/11, 2:12 PM

    hee-hee! indeed!

  15. brittanyclaire6/22/11, 2:14 PM

    :) in the picture with the littles you can see horizontal bars... they climbed those.

  16. brittanyclaire6/22/11, 2:14 PM

    I should! that would be cool

  17. brittanyclaire6/22/11, 2:14 PM

    yeah... trouble happens. :)

  18. I have to be honest that when I first saw this picture of your boys, I got chills and was reminded yet again at the sacrifice of our Savior. Thanks for the touching moment! Your children are beautiful. You're doing such a wonderful job Mama!!


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