just a regular day

We had a beautiful fathers day yesterday. We worked in the garden, the lawn and the fields. It was warm and slightly breezy with a big blue sky just like big sky country is known for.

I was going to make a chocolate applesauce cake until I realized that we didn't have any apples... so I used bananas instead.
and it was delicious... this morning.

My awesome husband spent most of fathers day working. He made a wonderful breakfast of almond banana pancakes, fixed the big mower tractor, mowed the huge lawn and then went out to the fields. Missing out on his fathers day dinner and cake. There is no shortage of work to do on a farm... only time and good weather to do it all.

As the boys cleaned up the kitchen after dinner... cleaning around the warm black cake sitting on the counter. They knew dad was still out in the field and the cake was going to have to wait. Being the go against the flow mom that I am...
I told everyone we could have cake for breakfast.
They didn't even act surprised...
although there were a few hugs and "you're the best mom ever"

At 9am this we all gathered around the table and ate chocolate applesauce banana cake with ice cream and celebrated an amazing man, husband and father we are so blessed to call ours.


  1. And why shouldn't we eat cake for breakfast???  It's probably better than right before bed, eh?  :)  I love it.  I would do the same :)

  2. brittanyclaire6/21/11, 10:07 AM

    Oh yes...totally better than before bed. :)


  3. Sara Erickson6/21/11, 11:39 AM

    Yeah, we eat pizza for breakfast all of the time!!  I love doing stuff against the flow! ;)

  4. How about a recipie for this cake?  Sounds AWESOME!

  5. Best.Mom.Ever. Aaaaand, you inspire me!

  6. sixcrazychildren6/22/11, 4:52 AM

    I think that sounds lovely :)

    sometimes cake for breakfast or ice cream for dinner is just what everyone needs......... I once had my mother in law's cassata ice cream for breakfast on Boxing Day...... perfection!! haha

  7. büşra dönmez6/22/11, 6:49 AM

    i like to eat cake/pudding/desserts for breakfast.Hello from Turkey :)


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