my little

curly hair
pigtail wearing
always giggling
body coloring
pretty dress wearing
mama attached
sweet talking
book reading
best friends

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  1. ::swoon:: i love those two. :)

  2. Your kids are adorable! I was on the hunt for new blogs to read and I found you :) I am now following you....please stop by and say hi

  3. They're getting so big!

  4. You're little girlies are too cute!! What happened to your little punkin's ankle?

  5. does someone have a hurt foot?

  6. Wow, your girls look so grown up in this picture and so cute!

  7. Allison@Slice of Heaven5/10/11, 3:09 PM

    They are precious! Can't believe how big they have gotten. When I first started following your blog, they were just teeny babies!

  8. love the marker. they're so cute. and so dang grown up!! how the heck did that happen!!??

  9. Oh my WORD they're so cute! That's where you can often find our 2 1/2yo too -- on the couch with a book lol

  10. this really has nothing to do with your post but I was going to buy plants for my garden and came across hybrid plants. Would you buy them or eat them? Any light you could shed on this would be great! And the girls do look super cute reading books together!

  11. brittanyclaire5/10/11, 10:01 PM

    That is something I just started looking into more this year. From what I understand hybrid plants are simply 2 plants that have cross pollinated. To create a hybrid this is usually done in a controlled environment but it does happen naturally as well. Technically 2 "organic" plants could cross pollinate.... thus creating a new organic hybrid variety. My only question is that when these original plants cross pollinate and create a hybrid sometimes they don't produce seeds or if they do the seeds don't produce the same hybrid that they came from. Which leads me to question their nutritional value and our bodies ability to absorb them.

    With all that said I will be planting some heirloom and hybrid plants this year... they are all certified organic though.

    hope that helps and good luck with your garden! :)

  12. brittanyclaire5/10/11, 10:01 PM

    that was just a few months ago, right!?! :)

  13. brittanyclaire5/10/11, 10:02 PM

    she colored on it. :)

  14. brittanyclaire5/10/11, 10:02 PM

    nope, just some marker work. :)

  15. brittanyclaire5/10/11, 10:02 PM

    Glad you stopped by!

  16. brittanyclaire5/10/11, 10:02 PM

    me too! :)

  17. where did you find organic plants? I was only able to find the seedlings that were organic. This is my first year gardening so I'm not really sure what to expect! I was searching everywhere though for the organic plants...

  18. Mandy Stribling5/11/11, 8:11 PM

    So very sweet and precious :)


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