the fight

rather than fighting to outlaw abortion
fight to teach our children the value of life

rather than fighting against same sex marriages
fight to save our own marriages

rather than fighting to control what is on TV
fight to spend our time wisely & keep our hearts pure

rather than fighting to allow prayer in school
fight to make prayer a part of your daily home life

rather than fighting about health care costs
fight to take preventative health into your own hands

rather than fighting to boycott immoral companies
fight to support the moral companies

rather than fighting public education
fight to teach your child a love of learning no matter where they are taught

rather than fighting big oil
fight to live a less oil dependent life

sometimes it's important to fight the big fight, but if you aren't fighting the real fight in your own family, in your own life, is the fight really worth it?!


  1. I LOVE this...I really need to take a step back sometimes and realize that the fight begins at home with teaching :)

  2. Wow this is great! By the way did I miss the next part to your story that you were telling a couple months ago? If so can you let me know so I can go back and find it =)

  3. Well said girl! Sometimes "fighting the fight" seems so impossible, although we know nothing is impossible with Christ. Thanks for these wonderful reminders.


  4. Wow. Beautifully written!

  5. Wow! So well put. I just found your blog. I'll be back again for sure!

  6. I really really like this.

  7. Amen! And Hallelujah!!!
    I agree! :)

  8. I really love this post. This is a philosophy my family and I try very hard to remember and follow.

  9. What you said! I love this.

  10. this is simple and profound and beautiful. thank you.

  11. Billmissandbrood5/11/11, 2:41 PM

    nice! i love it!

  12. well said. my mom used to say charity begins at home. i guess you could say convicted living does too. great post today!

  13. Preach it! A well fought fight is no fight at all if not taught at home. All of that is so true...and part of that teaching of us is SHOWING that sometimes getting involved in a educated/productive way is part of that "fight".


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