late night talking

Remeber when I told you all how the roads were flooded around here least I think that was on my blog and not twitter
I'm getting them confused now! {grin}

Anyway, behold one of our many flooded roads...

at least you can still drive through this one!

I've been trying my hardest to keep my new found love for twitpic & twitter under control
...I think it's working
although I must say that I think...
I really, kind of, for sure love twitter much more on my phone than I did on my computer. {grin}

We had a wild cat in our house twice now. Yes a wild cat...
the huge, hissing, never been around humans kind of wild cat!
I sure hope my brave husband got the cat out
...because it was in our bedroom {aka basement}

Remember when I told you about She Hearts It
...if you love giveaways you must visit
and maybe just maybe if I can tame down my good intentions list...
you'll see me posting on there sometime soon! {grin}

the snow is gone. the snow is gone.
it's May and the snow is gone.
I think there might still be a chance of snow however
...but it doesn't matter.
It's almost garden time! I can't tell you how excited I am about planting our garden.
We already have seedlings in the window!
Can't wait!

Have you heard of pinterest
...yeah me either until recently.
oh, it's fabulous & slightly addicting {grin}

now that the snow is gone the girls & ozzie are swing addicts
...I caught them outside on the swings in bathing suits and mud boots this afternoon.
oh I love those silly little things children do!

off to bed
goodnight my friends!

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  1. Ok, how do you drive through that road? You are SO much braver than I am! I'm glad the snow is finally going away for y'all so that you can enjoy playing outside again :)

  2. Bathing suits and mudboots!?!?! That is hilarious. I love what kids come up with.
    I'm so glad you are getting close to garden season. I absolutely love that time of year. I can't believe how flooded those roads are.

  3. glad your blog is back up.

    would you be willing to send me an invite to pinterest? i've been wanting to join. if so i'll email you the email address i want to use {don't want to post it here} :)

    i love garden season too! Enjoy the nice weather and be careful driving on those flooded roads!

  4. brittanyclaire5/6/11, 11:00 AM

    send me an email at brittany{at}brittanyclaire{dot}com

  5. Sarah-Anne5/7/11, 8:57 AM

    oh yes. pinterest is awesome. justsaying!

  6. OMG....i just discovered Pinterest and I am so Addicted...


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