I'm THAT mom

...who lets her kids run around barefoot in the mud
and happily washes their feet when they are done

...who serves veggies, fruit & beans and calls it lunch
or sometimes dinner {grin}

...who let's her kids play on the couch
but not on tables and dressers

...who can say it was a great school day
even if we only accomplished Bible

...who never cooks and cleans alone
because it's my job to teach them & it's a lot more fun anyway

...who let's her kids pick out their own outfits
even if they don't always match

...who let's her kids stay up until the sun goes down
even if it's 10 o'clock at night

...who serves a hot breakfast almost every morning
even if we don't eat until 10am

...who will give her daughter 100 kisses because she asked me to
even after I already gave her 100 hugs

...who still reminds her kids to drink their water, brush their teeth & flush the toilet
even though they should know by now

...who will never stop learning
with and without my kids

...who saves half eaten apples
for juice and smoothies

...who says even if we have a big house one day
no one will have their own room

...who doesn't buy junk food for our home
but will let the kids enjoy treats at someone else's house

...who thinks being a homeschooling mom is the hardest job
but amazingly rewarding

I'm THAT mom.

what about you?


  1.  i especially like the one about the big house... but no one getting their own room! I LOVE THAT ONE!!! When we first brought home our twins... (they were separated most of their little lives)... they didn't quite know what to do with eachother. But now... their cribs abut the other's... and they can't survive without the other.  most of their little lives)... they didn't quite know what to do with eachother. But now... their cribs abut the other's... and they can't survive without the other. 

  2.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I can't wait to be a mom! ♥

  3. Allison @ Slice of Heaven5/16/11, 9:57 AM

     Great post!  I actually love when my kids pick out their own outfits, too!  I love seeing their personalities through their clothes choices.  LOL.  Have a great week.

  4.  I love the simple joys in your list.  And it's these that they will smile back and remember forever!

  5.  What a fun family! Lucky kids! My girl is grown-up now but I will be "that kind of" Grandma! :)

  6. Love that my kiddos all share a room love this post! thanks for sharing 

  7. Jennifer Fanucci5/16/11, 12:15 PM

    Love this. :) I'm inspired to be "that kinda mom" as well. 

  8. I was just stuggling with the room sharing! This helps.  We are buying a smaller house moving out of the big city and to a little town.  There are 3 bedrooms but they are split up so I want my 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter to share a room --so we have a guest room/office.  I was raised where everyone had there own room, so it was hard to make this OK. Thanks!

  9. Love the outfits! I always love seeing what your kids are wearing. It makes me smile. I love to see the polk-a-dots and flowers or mismatched stripes.

    I'm hope I never get beyond wanting to learn. 

  10. I say the same thing about sharing rooms...even if we had a huge house, it's good for them to be together :)! Happy Monday, friend!

  11. AliciaOandGang5/16/11, 5:30 PM

    We speak the same language!  Oh how I wish there were more people like you that I knew in my area!!!


  12. Mikeandkatie15/16/11, 7:33 PM

    The second to last one took me a long time to learn.  It's not worth the damage in relationship to be the food nazi.  I am working hard to present our food choices positively.  We eat this food because it tastes good, God made it to make us strong and healthy, and it's fun.  And not spend too much time talking about why the other food is "bad" until they are MUCH older.

  13. I'm bits and pieces of that mom...you are far better with the food and I wish I had started earlier with mine on that...sadly, they are very 'Americanized' in their tastes. You are doing such a great job with those lovely children! They are so lucky! 

  14. Billmissandbrood5/16/11, 7:47 PM

    I love it!!...and, I did one on my blog

  15. Billmissandbrood5/16/11, 7:49 PM

    we don't have them split up either..in fact, we have all 4 boys in 1 room and, although hoping to move soon, wont be changing that!

    I just wish Ella wasn't all alone =)  

  16.  wow. i love this post, brittany!!

  17. Keren Cheesewright5/16/11, 10:41 PM

    Awesome, love it! Exactly the sort of mother I'd hope to be if I ever became one.

  18. sixcrazychildren5/16/11, 10:59 PM

     I don't think I've done mine as well as you've done yours but I followed Melissa's suit & did this on my blog too..... I wish I was more like you in some areas..... I'm striving for a simpler life right now. And food, I looked in my fruit bowl just this morning at eight slowly ripening avocados and thought of you! xx

  19. I'm that mom too! 

  20. Branmaxson15/17/11, 8:50 AM

    I love this post! :) 

  21. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:23 AM

    finding balance is so important. I do teach my kids why we don't eat the other food, and now I am watching my older ones choose to not eat certain foods because they know they aren't good for their body. The littles ones don't fully understand yet, but I do try to teach them and hopefully it will "click" one day. :)

  22. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:23 AM

    inspiration is a gift to be shared {grin} 

  23. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:24 AM

    awesome! I'm going to go check it out! :)

    avocados {grin} 

  24. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:24 AM

    Thanks everyone! So glad you all enjoyed it!

  25. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:24 AM

    awesome! can't wait to read it! 

  26. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:25 AM

    Thank you! Keep trying... God will bless your efforts! :) 

  27. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:26 AM

    I am a strong advocate for sharing rooms... for so many reason. What is little Lincoln going to do? {grin} 

  28. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:26 AM

    Moving soon?? :) 

  29. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:27 AM

    me too... me too!

  30. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:28 AM

    That is awesome! I hope you enjoy your change of pace... I know we have. {grin} I always had my own room too and so did my husband... and I know it's slightly different with boy/girl... but when they are young I think it's good for them to share a room. 

  31. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:29 AM

    I hope I get to be that kind of Grandma one day too! 

  32. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:30 AM

    personalities showing through in clothes is so true!!! 

  33. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:30 AM

    isn't that amazing how they need to be together... love it! 

  34.  sounds a lot like me! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I think I'm going to hang out here for a while. Is that alright? :)

  35. I am that mom too! And it is GREAT!!!!! I love your post!

  36.  Such a good idea for the half-eaten apples! 

    I think the fact that you are THAT mom is awesome. :-)


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