dreaming of

...sunflowers in full bloom
...freshly steamed artichokes
...boys pulling sweet carrots from the garden

...walking to the garden for fresh cilantro

...rainbow swiss chard in our morning smoothies

...gorgeous red cabbages

...tasty garden broccoli

oh, I can hardly wait!

tell me about {your} garden
are your seeds or plants in the ground
...or are you still waiting for spring like me?
what are you dreaming of from your garden this year?

oh the simple {joys} a garden can bring!
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  1. Keepsakes475/15/11, 9:05 PM

    Love gardening...and your blog...in Texas...the squash...green beans...peppers are ready:) 

  2. Raising Cubs in a Campground5/15/11, 9:10 PM

    I SOOOO wanted to put my plants in our straw bales today since the sun finally came out, but it was too windy. Boo! We ended up losing a few bean leaves to the wind while I had them sitting outdoors to 'harden'.

    Do you have a method to keep the broccoli free of worms? I chose not to plant anythis year because I hate finding cooked catepillars in my steamer even having soaked them in salt water.

    We're trying potatoes for the first time though! I snuck a look under the straw and can see the signs of growth so we're off to a good start! We also picked up a sweet potato plant this year too....I have big plans for all the baby food I'm going to make for the upcoming winter.

    On a side note - our friend's mom lives in North Dakota and she never plants before Memorial Day weekend. She's 84 so probably knows a thing or two about gardening! (I'm helping her daughter teach her how to garden in straw this year)

  3.  Were planting our first garden this year! I'm not gonna get too ambitious- I think we're gonna do tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & onions. And a pumpkin or two because thats what the kids picked :) I'd also like to grow some herbs in a raised container!

  4.  Just love what you're garden looks like! I have been wanting to try a herb garden, but am afraid my fingers aren't all that green! Will give it a go this year I think! We have a great green grocer around the corner, and his goods are organic and cheap.  HUGE variety - I bought a box FULL of goodies on Saturday for less than ZAR200! Not as rewarding I know - greetings from South Africa!

  5. Deborah Rose5/16/11, 6:46 AM

     These pictures are making me hungry and that sunflower, beautiful!   We have a tiny yard, but are going to try a few small things this year. . . tomatoes, squash, carrots, a few herbs...  Mmmmmm!  

  6.  Hi Brittany! It's been a while, so I'm stopping by to say 'hello'. Your garden looks wonderful, I wish I could have some of those artichokes steamed. Yum!

  7. Abbey Robertson5/16/11, 7:58 AM

     We live in an apartment in an urban area... your pictures make me miss the calm life.  I can not wait until Saturday to head to the farmers market.  It's summer here, we skipped spring.  Well, we had it for about a week and it was very pleasant while it lasted.

  8.  BTW: I just realized our girls will be two at the same time for few months. Funny to me because I always pictured yours 2 years older than mine, but not so. My 2 will be 2 on May 22. :) 

  9.  We live in the Midwest, but are a little warmer.  Our garden will be finished this weekend.  Gotta love all that comes from it... and this year I am even more excited as I will be making baby food for the my 2 little girls. 

  10. Cindy in Tennessee5/16/11, 10:43 AM

    We have green beans (several varieties), lettuce, onions, okra, beets, corn, broccoli, cabbage, yellow squash, zucchini, crowder peas, purple hull peas, butter beans, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, honeydews, cantaloupe, sugar pumpkins and spinach planted.

    Cindy in Tennessee  

  11. Jessie Anderson5/16/11, 12:16 PM

     We have put all of our cold weather items in the ground (lettuce, purple beans, peas, beets, carrots, spinach) since we are still fighting the winter here.  We will be moving towards the end of summer which means we won't get anything else this year either since our growing season here is actually only 4 months!  Here's to hoping there is a good farmer's market where we end up!

  12.  I'm jealous! I'm so ready for some fresh veggies.

  13. Oh thank goodness... For a minute I thought your garden was ALREADY up that much and was immensly jealous... I suppose I should know better since I remember a post about a spring snow storm not so long ago! I am mainly dreaming of fresh Tomatoes, Lettuce, Carrots, Peas... Okay I could go on and on... But MAINLY I'm hoping my husband will get topsoil put in our yard so I can actually grow a garden this year!

  14. It won't stop raining...we haven't planted yet! Even if we had, everything would have probably washed away and we would have had to start over...

  15. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:31 AM

    that's funny... we'll have a huge garden and part of me will miss living in the city and walking to the farmers market. :) 

  16. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:31 AM

    that's what I heard... yuck! 

  17. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:32 AM

    Ha! no... we are still a few weeks away from planting our garden! I can't wait!!!

    Hope you get that topsoil so you can plant your garden! 

  18. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:33 AM

    that is quite a list! Awesome! 

  19. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:34 AM

    it has been a while! I can not believe your girls are going to be 2... wow! 

  20. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:35 AM

     oh you should so try a garden... I do not have a green thumb and look what I can do! :) That is awesome that you have access to great produce!

  21. brittanyclaire5/18/11, 12:37 AM

    you know, I don't think I am going to plant broccoli for the same reason. I thought about adding floating row covers but I think that is more than I am willing to do this year. :)

    You are going to love the sweet potatoes... but don't expect as many as regular potatoes. We had 6 plants last year and only harvested a small box full. I am going to plant a whole row this year.

    that is funny about your friends grandma... that is exactly what our grandma says too. :)

  22.  I've got fresh oregano that I used last night in our dinner and well, that's about it.  I have a TON of mint but haven't used it anything yet... We aren't lucky to have such a nice garden like you!  LOVE that first photo. Amazing!! 


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