on the flip side

late for mom's group
forgot to bring a food dish
brought the wrong book
-5 degrees & I forgot gloves
home late for lunch
boys giving each other the silent treatment over an argument
girls clinging to my legs
Ozzie whining for food
forget lunch, just snack
3 littles climbing all over my lap
trying to read science with the boys
2 boys exchanging evil eyes
dad taking the girls to their room to play
Ozzie joins the little ones party
1 big boy begging to join the little one party
no one listening to science
making the boys talk it out on the couch
girls crying for mama
making dinner with 3 little ones sitting on the counter
2 big boys still not talking it out
1 boy running around chanting "hungry and bored"
dinner on the table
ozzie falls off his chair... screaming
pray, eat, talk
everyone leaves the table
mom & dad call everyone back to do their kitchen chores
bath time
reading books, laughing & giggling
in bed, lights out
girls crying for mama
dark room, rocking chair, nursing girls
peace & quiet
kitchen still not finished
pile of unmatched socks spread across the floor
forgetting the mess
spending time with my hubby


woke up to the beautiful sun streaming through the window
warm & peaceful shower
giggly girls watching mama get ready
everyone working together to get out the door
package in the mail
little ones happily playing with their friends
...while mom enjoys talking with her friends
scrumptious breakfast bread that I didn't make
heated seats {grin}
lots of high fives for completed puzzles
reading about stork nests
hearing the little ones play in their tent with dad
watching 2 boys talk it out, forgive & hug
3 little ones making me laugh while making dinner
enjoying hot delicious chili
listening to everyones "good day - bad day"
boys washing their dishes
someone super excited for their birthday tomorrow
snuggling clean babies fresh from the bathtub
6 kids cuddling around me to read a book
hugs and kisses and goodnights and hugs and kisses
nursing my not so baby girls
peace and quiet
planning for a sock matching party tomorrow
off to spend time with my hubby
...after I finish the kitchen {grin}


  1. This totally reminds me of what I wrote about little brothers today. It struck me: my brother and I had all those silent treatment/evil eyes/not working it out days...but the next day we were back to being pals. And now, all grown up, we are friends and he was my maid of honor at my wedding.

    Something to look forward to for all your dear kids!

  2. Love this spin on things! It is so easy to just see the negative even when there is so much positive. It is so important to {try} and stay positive. Great reminder

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  4. Thanks for the encouragement to look at the flip side of life :)

  5. Sweet! And a great reminder to count the blessings in a day. Thank you.

  6. I love this. I just love this! Thank you.

  7. I got tired just reading this...but I'm sure it's so worth it at the end of the day :) Sounds like you had a great day!

  8. AdventureInBabywearing3/3/11, 10:53 AM

    I can so relate. (minus a couple kids) :)


  9. makes me really sad that my house is so flippin quiet. except for the hubs who talks on speaker phone {and cell phone} like it's a tin can phone on a string. sigh.

  10. I just had to smile because my house sounds like your some days. Although I only have three little boys and no twins to add to the mix. It sounds like a great time. Glad I found your blog. Come stop by mine if you have a minute. emilysanity.blogspot.com

  11. Thank you for writing this! I am so gratefull I found your blog. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to look at the bright side of our day. I usually try to do that too. I also have 4 boys but only one sweet girlie, and two of my boys are Identical twins too. If you feel so inclined come check us out at 50stickyfingers.blogspot.com

  12. I can *so* relate. Just finished cleaning up my kitchen. Enjoying quiet house...even though I should be in bed. (Also, sometimes I pay the girls 5 cents a pair to match socks for me. They think that's pretty fun!)

  13. Still waiting for the rest of your story? I am going to have to go back and read from the start....LOL

  14. Your positive attitude is always an encouragement, thank you. I suppose we need those occasional not-so-great days to remind us to be thankful for the great days, right? :)

  15. I dont know, Maybe my opinion differs greatly from everyone elses... but If my boys are giving each other the silent treatment it's usually greatly appreciated by me! Not too often do we get silence! lol

  16. I love how you chose to put all the "good" moments after the "not so good" ones. This made me say "oh yes, I can relate!" and it also made me smile, big. :D


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