2nd son
gentle soul
avid book reader
Jesus follower
huge hugger
endangered animal lover
artist at heart
ancient history buff
new cursive writer
willing helper
long hair wearer
intricate lego builder
red apple & carrot eater
early morning riser
thoughtful of others
genuine giver
comfy clothes wearer
adventurous dreamer
loving big brother
music lover
amazing person
knit together in my womb
perfectly made by God
a blessing to our lives
Happy Birthday Vance!
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  1. How fun - the first shot makes the cake look like it's levitating.

  2. Leighaustin183/11/11, 9:54 AM

    What an amazing son! and the cake looks awesome! would love to know what kind it is!

  3. LifeAsWeKnowIt3/11/11, 10:37 AM

    Happy birthday, sweet boy!!! He's so precious...

  4. Happy birthday Vance! Mom, can you tell us about the cake in another post?

  5. Happy Birthday, Vance! Hope the day is fabulous!

  6. Happy Birthday to Vance! We have a #9 birthday coming up in a few weeks also...

  7. Happy Birthday Blessings being prayed for Vance! He's blessed to be in such a loving family. I love the picture of his eyes closed and blowing out the candles. Such innocence! Blessings to you, too! - Sam

  8. sixcrazychildren3/12/11, 3:15 AM

    Wonder what he's wishing for... He looks like he's really wishing with feeling :)
    Beautiful cake..... Happy 9th Birthday Vance :):)

  9. I'm jealous of where you live, but your music autostarting is rather annoying.

  10. "New cursive writer" --- really, at his age he's just learning cursive?!?!

    Long hair isn't so bad on boys if it's washed. Maybe the baking soda isn't cutting it while he's approaching or in, puberty?

  11. Happy 9th Birthday, Vance!

  12. I love your blog and love your pictures!! What settings did you use for these pictures! They are amazing! And of course, Happy Birthday Vance! Nine looks wonderful!! :)


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