What's for dinner

only the most delicious spicy black bean cakes
...that is what's for dinner!

Spicy black bean cakes
{8 patties}

coconut oil for sauté
1/2 - 1 bunch green onions, thinly sliced
6 cloves garlic, pressed
2 fresh jalapeno peppers, finely diced
1 T ground cumin
4 cups cooked black beans or 2 cans {drained & rinsed}
salt and black pepper to taste
2 cups grated raw sweet potato
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/2 cups finely chopped almonds

..to make..
heat coconut oil in a skillet on medium high head until hot
add in garlic, jalapeño peppers & cumin. Sauté until soft.
Add everything together in a large mixing bowl, mash beans with a fork {or hands} while mixing ingredients together thoroughly.
form mix into 8 balls and slightly flatten
bake at 350 for 10-13 minutes
you can flip half way through if you don't forget {grin}

we love to top ours with this delicious hummus
...except this time we didn't because I forgot to soak the chickpeas {ooops}

Lime hummus:
2 cups hummus
2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
4 small fresh jalapeno pepper, minced
salt to taste
{chill for at least 1 hour}

you can eat them plain with a side of avocado like my girls

you can top them with lime hummus

or you can put them into a tortilla with all your favorite fixings

either way these are delish & a family favorite for sure

I should mention that I usually multiply the recipe by 4-6 and freeze the leftovers {unbaked}

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  1. what kind of tortilla do you use ?

  2. brittanyclaire2/21/11, 5:30 PM

    we use Ezekiel sprouted tortillas... but's it's on my "bucket list" to start making our own this year. {grin}

    oh, we find them in the frozen section, in the natural food section, of our local grocery store. They're about $3 for 6, more pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

  3. britt... im in awe of you lol - if i tried to feed my kids this, heck my husband... they'd look at me like I lost my mind :) - I love greens, salads, and real grainy breads, but im the only one! I can get my kids to eat wheat bread, but thats about it.. they love fruit, so thats on their side... my husband grew up with WHITE WHITE AND MORE WHITE breads and lots of meat.. buttery veggies and well, southern cooking - his dads a farmer tho, so he can appreciate fresh veggies... but its just a different style of cooking....

    I do some :) - but my hippie ways can only go so far it seems...

  4. sixcrazychildren2/21/11, 10:28 PM

    I think I wanna come eat at your house. :)

  5. Thank you, I cannot wait to try this!!

  6. This sounds delicious! My husband took me on a date to his favorite restaurant last week, and they had the most amazing black bean fritters. I think I am seriously in love with those sandwiches! They served theirs with guac and tomato on a ciabatta roll. YUM doesn't even begin to describe it. Mmmmm....lime hummus! I'm getting hungry all over again. (Our dinner tonight was a lazy mommy night...chick-n nuggets, sweet potato fries with healthy-er BBQ sauce, and baby peas.)

  7. Those look and sound so delicious!!

  8. Boulanger Ab2/22/11, 12:58 PM

    Do you ever buy canned chick peas? Why or why not?

  9. Especially when Grandma & Grandpa are footing the bill, right Brit? :)

  10. brittanyclaire2/22/11, 9:44 PM

    actually it's my husband that is footing the bill {grin}

  11. brittanyclaire2/22/11, 9:46 PM

    we used to buy organic canned beans, but I have since switched to dry beans. It's not a problem now that I'm in the habit of soaking them the night before. Planning out how much I'll use in a week helps too.

    we always used organic beans though, beans are very highly sprayed.

  12. brittanyclaire2/22/11, 9:46 PM

    that would be a delight! {grin}

  13. I went straight from this post to my kitchen......thank you for the inspiration!! My 4th child only 5 months has terrible eczema....I am changing the way I eat for him. This recipe has me excited! Any other thoughts on breastfed only baby with eczema Brittany?

  14. Price is no option for you since Grandpa & Grandma are footing the bill, Brit.

    Stop denying it.

  15. Especially true since Grandpa & Grandma are footing the bill for you, Brit.

    Stop denying it.

  16. What's wrong Brit, you can't stand your readers to know the truth that Grandpa & Grandma are footing your bills now?

    That is, after you begged money from your readers.

  17. I don't recall Brittany "begging" for money. She was very open about certain hardships her family was facing. Why are you so mean-spirited?

  18. brittanyclaire2/24/11, 7:15 PM

    Tamara, what do you want? You hound my blog, leaving nasty comments, claiming to know the "truth".

    I have always told the truth, and I always will. How we pay the bills is truthfully none of your business, but I have shared and that isn't good enough for you. My husband works very hard to provide for our family, he puts food on the table, clothes on our backs and everything else we need. His Grandparents provide us with a roof over our head and for that we are incredibly thankful.

    the truth is the truth and will always be the truth and nothing can change that.

  19. I feel for you Brittany. You have been nothing but open and honest and for some reason, there are people out there who try to knock you down. I guess we should feel sorry for them. Maybe it's jealousy.....you obviously have so much love in your life....maybe they don't have that. Either way, I love your blog, photos, creative writing style and playlist. I don't have a blog of my own and really only follow yours. My husband is a little curious about why I enjoy a "stranger's" blog. I can't really explain it...it just leaves me feeling happy! Take care.....

  20. the hillbilly housewife has a great tortilla recipe. Very simple and you can use whatever flour you want. We love them!

  21. I'm tempted to go get a few groceries after I drop the older kids at gymnastics today so I can make these with some tortillas!

  22. My husband is the same way! The only veggies he eats are potatoes and corn. And tomatoes in store bought spaghetti sauce and ketchup ;) But my kids are different. It was a huge fight with our first child but I'm very happy to report it's paid off! The rest followed suit. You just have to remember that they won't let themselves starve to death ;) Eventually they will eat what you give them. I always make my stuff for lunch when hubby is at work, then make a more accomidating meal for him at dinner. But I usually add something to the side for the rest of us. If I'm making spaghetti I'll make two seperate pots of pasta, a white one for him and then "our" noodles for us :)

  23. Cooked beans freeze well. I used to flash freeze them for about 30-60 minutes on a baking sheet, then pop them in freezer bags. It's been awhile since I've made dried beans though....because I am not in the habit of soaking them overnight. :~) I need to get back to that again. It's so much cheaper!

  24. brittanyclaire2/26/11, 3:19 PM

    I have 2 good tortilla recipes... I just need to add it to my routine. One thing at a time. {grin}

  25. Hi, Brittany! I'm writing from Toronto, Ontario! I haven't *really* cooked in years...maybe because I cook for one?! But I saw your recipe and made it tonight! So much fun and I'm excited about a healthy dish I'm capable of making. I just want to thank you for posting your recipes and with such beautiful presentation!
    Love, a fan from Canada!


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