I could have

I could have blogged...
but I was too busy

...mending 3 little ones back to health
...driving to town 2 days in a row for Grayson's testing
...browsing Salvation Army & Goodwill
...spending my birthday money at said thrift stores
...celebrating Grayson's awesome test score
...parenting alone while Dad was working out of town for 2 days
...baking cookies and muffins
...swimming at the YMCA
...eating yummy sandwiches at subway
...preparing for an adventurous road trip
...filling our book bags at the library
...mending myself back to health
...reading and preparing for a new Grammar program
...keeping up on laundry
...reading lots of books
...preparing for a fun & peaceful weekend
...living life passionately

what have you been up to?


  1. Thrifting for pretty new spring finds, attempting a new recipe for Chicken Parmesan, and checking your blog hoping for a new post! I hope your little ones are feeling healthy again soon. - Veralynn


  2. brittanyclaire2/25/11, 10:19 PM

    thrifting and etsy... my 2 favorite places for awesome finds! {grin}

    oh and we love the Livio Internet Radio too!

  3. I agree- sometimes I do like to save up and buy something brand new, but all the while in my head I'm thinking, "But I could get so many more things on Etsy!"
    (Isn't that radio great? Definitely one of my best splurges for the house!)

  4. Boulanger Ab2/25/11, 10:58 PM

    Waiting PATIENTLY (well, kind of) for the next blog post about your life part 3!

  5. Found out we are expecting a baby GIRL! Our two boys are beyond excited to have a little sister!

  6. Oh, congratulations to Grayson on his test scores...and to his teacher! Been taking care of a elderly mom, trying to adjust to new meds, pulling myself by the bootstraps and praying for a job opportunity for our youngest daughter who needs health benefits. Today is a new day.

  7. Take care of sick girlies...giving nebs and percussive vest treatments ever few hours to one sick girlie, trying to keep up with laundry (somewhat unsuccessfully), trying to make healthy meals, enjoying green smoothies, finishing up 2 books, wishing I could fit in a trip to Goodwill (my sister texted me pics of her finds this week), vacationing at Trader Joes and Whole Foods while daddy works from home, enjoying the Sabbath with my family.

  8. brittanyclaire2/26/11, 3:19 PM

    I know, I know, I'm sorry. I am not trying to keep you all in suspense... I'm just a little short on free time. {grin}

  9. brittanyclaire2/26/11, 3:20 PM

    awww, hope your girls feel better soon! I should have added the "somewhat unsuccessfully" to my keeping up with laundry line. {grin}

  10. brittanyclaire2/26/11, 3:21 PM


    Today is a new day! Sounds like you're on a rough road right now, praying for you.

  11. brittanyclaire2/26/11, 3:22 PM

    oh Yeah! Congrats!!!! Don't you love seeing how excited siblings get!

  12. counting down the HOURS now until I see my hubby again!!! He has been deployed for 214 days now (YES I am counting) in Diego Garcia (google it!) ... we will get about 3 weeks with him and then he has to go back until august/september. CLEANING and NOT SLEEPING... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! he MIGHT be in the United States RIGHT NOW... I don't know yet though! EEEEEEEEEEK!

  13. That's funny, I was JUST thinking and wondering if you had any new blog posts!!! Good to see you again today!

  14. Boulanger Ab2/26/11, 8:36 PM

    I am really just teasing you! I can not imagine how busy you are. We are really very different, yet I absolutely LOVE reading your blog and hearing your opinions on various topics. You write with a very open heart and it touches me . . .

  15. sixcrazychildren2/27/11, 5:12 AM

    We have spent the weekend swimming at the beach & in our pool. Eating on our deck. Cooking with what's in the cupboard. Letting our chooks roam free..... and telling them 'thankyou' for their eggs that I cooked with..... and that their Daddy {ie my husband} loves them so much he cleaned out and freshened up their pen :)

    Napped on the sofa as the twins napped too... Bliss as I never do that! Just lived a slow life which I LOVE LOVE LOVE :):)

  16. Yes! They were convinced that it was a girl all along =) and are so excited =) I am beyond myself as well =) God is GREAT!


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