real life

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  1. Those messy curls are adorable! And I LOVE all of the plates you have on the wall!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. Sarah-Anne2/8/11, 7:36 PM

    too cute...and funny...but mostly cute! love posts like this, brittany!

  4. sixcrazychildren2/9/11, 5:42 AM

    love love love

    gotta agree 'carpet ick'... I have NO carpet anymore anymore but wouldn't your footsies freeze?? do you have underfloor heating ??

    I love that big window. You are so clever :):)

    annnnnnd what did they get for breakfast??

  5. Great picture! I love the plates and lights. I am considering buying a stokke. I have been looking for a used one for quite a while but can't find one. I can't stand putting my toddler in a big bulky highchair that has to be away from the table(and his family). May I ask where you got yours? I enjoy your real life posts, they are fun! And you have some super cute kiddos:)

  6. Love your plate wall! Especially how they're not rigidly evenly-spaced in tidy rows. Gorgeous fluidity :-)

  7. Sara Sophia2/18/11, 2:23 AM

    This picture will go in the books as one of my favorite things of ever.
    Gosh, I like you so much.


  8. These are some of my favorite posts that you do... Simple yet tell the best stories! I adore your plates too!


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