daily words

beautiful. busy.
God. giggles.
prayer. laundry.
baby dolls. sun.
tea party.
lego building.
oatmeal. snow boots.
removing carpet.
making beds. eggs.
moms group. reading.
snowed in. wind.
tractors. sleds.
nana's birthday.
tents & hideouts.
singing songs.
chocolate bananas.
lawyers. painting.
bird nests. love.
ponies. tractor lights.
sewing. coconuts.
celebrating a new reader.
volcano making.
quiet time.
travel plans.
camera trouble.
earlier bedtime.
puzzles. muffins.
broken toilet.
snap circuits.
facebook impersonator.
geography games.
molding clay.
-30 degrees.
emails to respond to.
happy. singing.
missing family.
school tests.
cardboard house.
too much to do.
messy kitchen.
wild kittens.
praying for Egypt.
hanging garland.
thoughts of floor painting.
cross country skis.
stuck in a snowdrift.
praying for friends.
loving life.
thanking God.
saying goodnight.


  1. Jolynnepike2/11/11, 7:20 AM

    I appreciate your blog and your honesty. As a mama of twins and 3 other children, there are so many days when I think I can't get it all done or feel I didn't get enough done at the end of the day. I've turned my life into a lot of prayer and trusting God's will and not mine and things are so much more peaceful. I'm sure that's how you happily live your beautiful life. Thanks for sharing your life!

  2. Is that dining room carpet you're removing? :)

  3. Exciting (but hard work) to remove the carpet! My hubbie and I have done that a few times! And what are these other tantalizing words you threw in there to intrigue us? Lawyers?!? Facebook Impersonator?!? I'm so sorry if you mean that someone is trying to impersonate you on Facebook. PS - chocolate bananas sound good. We haven't had those at our house in forever!

  4. can't wait to see photos of these words...haha! ;)


Thank you for blessing me with your words!