outtakes & winner

Which one of you wins your choice of necklace or bracelet from Hazelaid?!

are you ready?!

The winner is....


please contact me at 4lilmenandtwins{@}gmail{.}com

and don't forget you can still Enjoy 10% off Hazelaids entire product line.
use code name: 4LITTLEMEN10.
expires {December 15th}

and for a little fun I present to you
...my outtakes.

yes, this is proof that I
...am much better behind the camera than in front of.
...am way to lively to just let my husband take my picture.
...wear the bedhead-makeup less style more often than not
...am easily influenced by my husband to share my outtakes
and now that I've embarrassed myself I'm going to go now {grin}
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  1. sixcrazychildren12/6/10, 4:09 AM

    Brittany.... you gorgeous thing. Your hair, it's MY daughters hair.... but hers is darker like mine {used to be ;)}.... She's growing to love having curls.... I think it's amazing.

    and bravo for the out takes.... your necklace suits you :):)

  2. LifeAsWeKnowIt12/6/10, 6:44 AM

    Kiss kiss hug hug...I miss your hair!!! LOL! I think I"m going to put that necklace on my Christmas wish list...

  3. I think you look great! My husband calls this natural beauty.

  4. Ok, so no complaints, you look BEAUTIFUL without anything on...lucky girl!!! ;)

  5. ACK!! I didn't realize hazelaid had new necklaces! Great new website too. I just bought the one you're wearing cause it's just gorgeous. My daughter and I have been wearing matching necklaces for the last year and everyone thinks it's so cute.
    I'm going to try out the affiliate program too. This is an interesting concept and I'm thinking how I might be able to incorporate it into my photography business.


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