mama got new boots

...contest now closed...

oh yes, mama got new boots!

whiskey brown leather...
knee high laces...
stitching detail...

wonderful fit...
comfortable to wear around town all day...
this mama is so excited...
to have new boots!

they are truly the most beautiful boots I own
... never mind they're the only boots I own {besides those rainboots} {grin}

they may not be snow boots...
but they kept my feet nice and warm
and for that this mama is thankful!

I was so blessed to be given these beautiful boots from Dansko
and now one of you has a chance to win any pair you wish from Dansko

if I hadn't needed boots I probably would have picked these beauties
but these would have been so practical for my lifestyle
and I would blend right in to my all white climate in these {grin}
seriously so many awesome choices...
are you ready to pick out a favorite?!

Go visit Dansko...
come back and tell us what pair you love, who would you give them to and why!

"The Penelope beautiful and would give them to my sister who lives in the frozen tundra and would love wearing these all winter long!"

get it. got it. good. {grin}

Have fun!
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  1. I love the penelope as well and I would give them to myself, because I never get new things. It would be a great treat!

  2. I'd pick "Kenzie" - and keep them for myself! :)

  3. Picking the Penelope as well! I would give them to myself (a momma of five boys!) as long as you promise that they are comfortable enough to chase in! :)

  4. I love the Brielle Chocolate Milled Nappa boots! I would like to say I would keep them for myself, since I know the likely hood of me getting an actual present under the tree is slim his year, but seeing the smile on my husband face (who never buys anything for himself) will be a great present in itself when he opens his. But I would most likely give them to my sister, because she has been there for me and everyone else in the family a lot this year and she would definitely love them.

  5. Sienna Cordovan Brush-Off - a gift for the tired and broke Mommy

  6. I love the ones you picked except I would choose the chocolate color. They are gorgeous!

  7. I like the Scout and would keep them myself.

  8. Can I only pick one? I love Danskos but I would have to pick the Wide Pro Black Box for myself b/c if i can only have 1 new pair I need to replace my current 10 year old classic black Dansko. Greatest teacher shoes ever, and they look good with everything. Love them.

  9. I Think my daughter would love the Regan pair, very nice!

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  11. I love the Penelope in Black. I love that they are flat and have a hidden zipper. And I would give them to myself, I never thought I would need boots in the South, but this week has proved me wrong.

  12. I would choose the Penelope boots aor the Regan style - I would like to keep them for myself, but in the spirit of giving I would pass them onto my mother who is on her feet all day - I know how great these shoes are for the feet!

  13. i would love to win the Penelope Whiskey Glazed Full Grain for myself. I just had my third baby four days ago and i really would love to have something beautiful to wear, because that's really not the time when you feel very attractive (but very very thankful )

  14. Think I would try the Brielle in brown. Your boots look great!

  15. I love the ones you got but I also love the Pams!

  16. Hard choice, but probably the Brielle. It'd be hard to give them away, but I would to my sister in law if I had to!

  17. Marryam Abdl-Haleem12/16/10, 3:02 AM

    ABSOLUTELY love the Kate Arcadia. Would give them to my sister-in-law who never buys anything for herself and so badly needs a pair of good shoes! Last time she bought a pair was 4 years ago! She would love that style and fit and would smile every time she saw them on her feet!

  18. tinamichelle12/16/10, 2:48 PM These look adorable. I would give these, the Kylee, to my lovely twin sister because she is beautiful, deserves some new boots, has been down and out lately, having a seriously hard pregnancy with many compications and I think a new pair of boots would put a smile back on her gorgeous face.


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