do you ever

...have one of those day{s}
...let yourself get so stressed that you feel ill
...wish that something would just be over and done with
...wonder why people lie and cheat
...spend all day sitting and working but feel like you ran a marathon
...have to stop and tell yourself "it will be okay"
...wonder why your children must be extra loud when you're on the phone
...hope that somethings will never happen again
...wonder why doing the right thing can be so hard
...pretend like you didn't see something because you couldn't deal with it
...wonder how your children can make such a mess in 5 minutes
...wish that you had a clone for just one day
...feel guilty for not spending time with your kids today
...pray that things will work out alright
...wish you could relax in peace for just a moment
...wish things would just be easy sometimes

I had one of those days yesterday and today and hopefully not tomorrow!
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