amber, nuts & a giveaway

sounds like an exciting combination doesn't it! {grin}

remember these amber necklaces...
the girls have worn them for what seems like ever
they were their first necklaces
they've been with them through teething and runny noses
and accompany every "pretty dress"

We {love} them!

now it's mom's turn...
to wear amber with every pretty dress tank top and gaucho pants {grin}
and you better bet there will be amber around my neck when I'm not feeling well
I am in love with my new necklace...
it fits right in with my love of bold, unique & beautiful jewelry & natural remedies!
Now what about the nuts you say?
do you know what these nuts can do?

They wash
did you catch that?
They wash!

Soap nuts that aren't really a nut, they're a fruit
grown in the Himalayas on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree
harvested. de-seeded. dried in the sun

and so much more

100% natural and safe
low sudsing
sustainable harvested
natural fabric softener
one of God's creations

Are you wondering how these nuts work?

The soap nuts shell is rich in saponin an all natural surfactant. When mixed with warm water and agitation the shell releases this saponin which lowers the water tension making the water wetter and allowing the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothes and release the dirt more throughly. That's when the saponin in the water bonds with the dirt, washing it away from your clothes.

It's perfect. It works amazing. And it makes sense! Why did we have to go start making synthetic soap again?

Does God ever just knock your socks off with his amazing design!

Let's see...
we've covered amber & nuts
now we're on to the giveaway! {grin}

My dear friend at Hazelaid has graciously offered
one of you the chance to win any piece of Jewelery from Hazelaid.

go over and visit Hazelaid
take a look at all her beautiful {handmade} amber and hazelwood jewelry!
Come back and tell us your favorite piece!

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and if you're ready to buy those soap nuts or amber right now
read this...

Enjoy 10% off Hazelaids entire product line.
use code name: 4LITTLEMEN10.
expires 2 weeks from today {December 15th}


  1. It is really an awesome site! I would love a hazelwood bracelet for my hubby as he suffers from an immune disease. I bet it wold ease his pains.
    And soap nuts, I have looked and looked at these and never taken the plunge....would love them too I am sure.

  2. I LOVE the Multicolor Baroque Leaf necklace, but I also love the Honey necklace for everyday wear.

  3. I love the one you are wearing!!!

  4. I would love to have the necklace that you are wearing, it is absolutely beautiful:}

  5. I didn't put my name, whoops. . . I'm Andrea:}

  6. I love the Milk and Cognac mix. Beautiful!

  7. rosiemustangs12/2/10, 12:39 AM

    My favorite piece is the Lemon Adult necklace.

  8. I love the necklace you are wearing!

  9. We LOVE our HazelAid here!! Each one of us have a necklace from there! I really like the one you're wearing!!

  10. I really love the look of the amber necklaces, but think i would benefit most from the hazelwood/amber necklace. I've been considering getting one for a while, but haven't had the extra money to spend. Crossing my fingers!

  11. I LOVE the Cognac and Cherry Baroque Leaf...but I like the Hazelwood and light amber too, it's not as much my style, but I wouldn't mind a bracelet to see how I like the hazelwood. Have you tried the soap nuts? I saw them about a year ago and thought about trying them, and just haven't jumped in yet. They sound AMAZING though!

  12. Tweeted it! :)!/mrshaggie810

  13. Blogged it!

  14. I like the Light Amber/Hazelwood necklace. Hoping it will hope ease my frustration from the eczema I suffer from during the winter.

  15. I LOVE the multicolored boroque leaf necklace! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  16. I love the children's hot pink/hazelwood necklace. It would be great for my little 2 year old!

  17. I love the Cognac Baltic Amber!

  18. the cognac is my fave. i've admired these for quite some time now.

  19. I love the milk & butter amber beads

  20. I like the milk and honey pieces!

  21. Awesome photos!  I've had fun looking through your site.  Would you please tell me where you got the doll in this post?  Or if you made it, what pattern it is?  Thank you!


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