What's for breakfast?

Steel cut oats {soaked overnight. rinsed & drained. cooked}
organic raspberries {defrosted overnight}
organic {canned} coconut milk
raw honey
chia seeds
it doesn't just taste awesome...
it's awesome for you!

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  1. It looks yummy. where do you find the chai seeds?

  2. Poor Children, have to eat all that junk. Don't know how you can afford all that orgranic crap.

  3. brittanyclaire11/23/10, 11:30 PM

    No judgement here. I don't put people down for their eating choices... I only share what I've learned and what I know to be healthy food choices for me and my family. We are trying to make good choices with what we have and I want nothing more for all of you.

    We live in the most opportunistic, wealthiest and fruitful nation on earth, it would be better to think "our health can't afford for us to eat this meal" than to think "we can't financially afford to eat healthy". That is the balance in the proverbial "eat to live or live to eat".

    And I hope I don't give the impression that money is no object, sometimes it does cost more, but other times not. There is an impression that eating healthy isn't affordable when it can be if you make it your quest. What you won't see here is all the foods that I pass up in order to eat the foods that I know are the best possible for my health, since that is how this all started, my quest to eat or NOT eat the right combination in order to feel good.

    I absolutely do NOT hate this land... quite the opposite... I love this land and want to take care of it the best way we know how. The bee keepers don't put their hives in the soybean fields... they put the hives in the grassland.

  4. sixcrazychildren11/24/10, 5:20 AM

    Great photo, I love them all.......

  5. Just press delete on the negative comments don't even go there. Love reading your blog and love hearing about your family.

  6. Because of the author of this blog I have learned to eat organic, healthy food. And watching the documentary Food, Inc. That solidified it for us. Now, that my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes it is even MORE important that we control his sugars with diet and not with medicine if we can help it. He is under the care of a Dr. We live in "hippie land" city here in Oregon where there's lots of health food/grocery stores that sell only organic anything. I shop around and do the best I can with our budget. I changed our diet slowly to accomodate tastes, etc from junk to healthy eating.

    I don't judge anybody who doesn't eat this way. We used to, but decided it was the best change for our family and our health.

  7. I don't always make very good food choices but respect you so much for the decisions you've made and the knowledge you've shared. I have heard different things about pasta - what do you think about it?

  8. Exactly! We have made some of the same budget cuts you have, too. We even moved into a smaller house with less of a payment by a few hundred dollars to help. Health is so important! And eating healthy is, too.

  9. I am trying this out tonight! thank you!


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