Yes... you counted right
that's THREE kittens {grin}

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  1. Super adorable! Love the kittens. I wish I could have a cat/kitten. But ahhh, husband says it's not a good idea because our grandma is allergic. But, boo hoo. I want one. Congrats on the new addition to your family (furry-babies).

    Happy Holidays!

  2. sixcrazychildren11/22/10, 3:19 AM

    Oh sooooo sweet... three little kittens... how many times have you said the nursery rhyme?? a billion by now I'm sure... I know I couldn't help myself! My eldest son would love a cat but I am allergic and so is Morgan.... :(

    {I'm glad you are getting them fixed.. I normally would say nothing, you'll not get a judgement from me.... but a good friend of mine has cats and never gets them spayed, and the poor thing is always pregnant, lactating & exhausted...... and the kittens just end up at the RSPCA}
    I say 'breed properly if that's your intention or get the cat spayed'.
    *steps down from {small} soap box :):)


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