late night talking

What's this, you're asking?! I didn't get the giveaway post up like I had planned. It will be up tomorrow for sure. It's worth the wait, I promise! {grin}
I have 4 cups of steel cut oats soaking & 3 cups of black beans soaking. Yummy food tomorrow!
I ran the RO water tank empty filling up my pans with water for soaking.
My good friend is due with her 2nd baby girl any day now... I'm SO excited!
Grandma & Grandpa are leaving on a jet plane, don't know when they'll be back again. Actually we do... April.
I'm making Grandpa those "healthy" snickers for a farewell treat from me. I know, I know, I keep talking about them and not sharing. I will. I promise.
Thanks to all of your wonderful help on Twitter
...white with red it will be!
We're moving our homeschool room from the basement upstairs to our bedroom, which is really supposed to be the living room anyway. Now our room will be in the basement and our living room will be our homeschool room and our dining room is our living room. Did you catch that?! {grin}
Anyone want to share a picture of their homeschool room? I'd love to see! I'll show you ours when we're done. Can I grin again... because I really feel like it! {grin}
I found a vintage conversion bus with black and white checkerboard floor. Oh me oh my!
We're loving our little kittens. They are the sweetest little things! And the grease has finally come off of their faces.
gotta go see if the RO tank has refilled, I'm thirsty!
goodnight all, see you tomorrow!
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  1. I am looking at buying a filter for my water. Do you add salt (for the minerals) to your filtered water or just drink as is?


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