late night talking

Harvest is flying by... much quicker than last year. With some help they have 6 combines, 2 grain carts & 9 semi's going.

I miss my hubby. He's been trucking all day. I think they've taken 18 semi loads in so far.

The trees are beautiful right now... so thankful for a colorful fall.

I really need a car wash. It screams we live in the middle of nowhere. {grin}

Yesterday I took 8 kids swimming at the Y, the library & to the grocery store. I discovered the only difference between taking 6 kids vs. 8 kids is.... the number of stares increase slightly. But only slightly because when I wear both girls the stares are through the roof. I don't get too many comments when I wear them both, I think people can't pick their jaws up off the floor quick enough. {grin}

We went to the beach today. It was warm. It was sunny. It was breezy. Wonderful company. It was perfect!

The librarian told Grayson "maybe you check out too many books." Excuse me, what????

A friend of mine is in labor. She's have another homebirth! Praying for you Becky!!

I don't give haters the time of day, but my mother instincts kick in when someone tells me I don't love my son's as much as the girls. I can't even begin to understand that. I love ALL of my children more than words can even describe. If I didn't want my boys around I wouldn't be homeschooling them and spending every waking hour with them. Grrrrr. Whenever I feel like I'm being wrongly judged, I find peace in knowing that GOD knows my heart. And that is what truly matters.

We're playing hookie this week. I thought we would be able to keep up with school this week but it's not happening. Way too crazy busy.

Grayson has a new Bible with his name engraved in it. It was a present from Papa for his birthday. He's been carrying it everywhere with him. Looking up verses, marking them in his Bible, writing them in his journal. This kid just doesn't stop blowing me away!

I have bananas & pears in the dehydrator right now. I am in LOVE with my Excalibur dehydrator. Fruit leather, granola, crackers here I come! {grin}

I just heard Paul is back, in the shop, changing a tire on one of the semi's. I need to go steal a hug before midnight.

peace out friends.

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  1. Yep, the older the kids get the harder it is to catch them being real with your camera. The little ones are easier to blog about!

  2. Amazing as always. I hope you get to spend more time with Paul soon. Oh and to the super BRAVE commenter who has a problem with this blog or it's content, move on! This blog is full of love, beauty and peace and I am sure she would like to keep it that way.

  3. I bet your boys know you love them. You know you love them. God knows you love them. That's really all that matters. Don't place any value in what a hater has to say about your love for your kiddos. I know that's easier said than done :) Hope you got your hug!

  4. I think it's a riot when people comment on others' families and their number of children! I just watched the Today's Show's interview with the Duggars and Meredith V. was pretty much shooting them down HARD. I felt so bad for them. Thinking about posting the interview on my blog with a few choice words of my own. Hmmmmm.

    Love how you guys are playing "hookie". We like to take breaks too. That's the beauty of H-Sing.

    Can't wait to see if you'll post some "how tos" on dehydrating (no pressure, tee hee!). My parents have one they don't use and said I could use it. Score! I'm new at it and can take all the help I can get.

    May God bless you guys this week as you harvest.

  5. Hi Brittany I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I love it. I like to sit up late at night after the kids have gone to bed and read your older posts. I can't believe yoou have been blogging for so many years. I just started a couple of months ago. Your kids will appreciate this when they are older.

  6. The3kidsandme9/29/10, 3:25 PM

    Sounds like a very busy time for you and the family.. I hope that you are having a good week despite the busyness. Ignore the ignorant people of the world.. they seem to think they know everything... when in fact they usually know nothing!

  7. I love the late night talking!!! Could you post a picture of you wearing both girls??? I would LOVE to see that!!!

  8. We check out too many books too. So many we have to take a luggage rack with a crate strapped on to carry them all! To get enough books for 4 voracious readers, school and bedtime, that's a few dozen a week. And if we can only go every 2-3 weeks, that's a LOT of books. Lucky for us, our librarians love that we love to read, and don't mind us clearing a shelf or two!

  9. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:32 PM

    I remember you telling me that before... I'm keeping my eye out at Salvation Army for a luggage rack. I really don't understand why the librarian said that. We are usually there weekly, we renew some books 2-3 times, and we are sometimes a few days late. But we take care of the books, only one ripped one {grin}, and we read them all!

    oh well, she'll just have to get over it because we aren't stopping.

  10. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:35 PM

    I've posted a couple times before... it's quite a sight. :)

  11. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:35 PM


  12. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:36 PM

    soon. soon. I promise! :) You all can learn with me.

  13. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:37 PM

    oh I LOVE it! It's still not washed. Our van is too low profile and won't fit in the car wash so we have to get the pressure washer out. :)

  14. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:37 PM

    aw, thanks!

  15. brittanyclaire9/29/10, 6:38 PM

    stink-eye Hee-Hee!

  16. I love everything about your blog. Another cloth diapering twin mama! I just can't wait until my own twin girls get a little older and I can see their personalities bloom. Don't let the naysayers get you down. They're just jealous! ;)

  17. Oh, and you like Regina Spektor. Seriously, there is nothing about your blog that isn't awesome.

  18. Loving Mom 2 Boys9/29/10, 8:38 PM

    I wish I could come to your house some day so you could give me some baby wearing and cloth diapering tips! It sounds like at this point you have it down!!

    Can you share how you do your dehydrating? I think it sounds like a great (and fun) way to prepare snacks for the kiddos, I would love some tips (just in case I can find myself one, one of these days)

  19. sixcrazychildren9/29/10, 9:00 PM

    Girl... I've heard you bemoan about being not as "in condition" or however you put it..... but you must be strong to carry the two of them at once. Mine are younger than yours by a few months and I just don't think I could do it. I have pretty big bosoms so that does make it very uncomfortable. {I always found it very hard when I was breastfeeding}

    and I get what you say about people saying you love your sons less than your daughters. Just blah at them... it's that whole... walk in my shoes and you may understand. Maybe they wanted more boys?????? *wink

  20. All I see is how much love you have for all of your children. I never would have thought something like that. Ignore the uglies.

  21. Adore you and all your hard work. The haters are so jealous of your peace and happiness, you know? Your sparkle and Jesus glow is just too much for them.

    Love you <3

  22. Ok, so I'm not sure what's up with some people in ND, but I have had clerks at the post office tell me I shouldn't send a package for the price it is, or people tell me not to buy stuff, like the girls' scout leader tell me that I was buying too many cookies, lol...when they are supposed to be the ones trying to sell it!!! haha WOW...the library thing sounds a bit like it to me!!! Not sure why they would do that!!! ;) Kinda think they should promote their own businesses!!!!

  23. "someone tells me I don't love my son's as much as the girls"

    what?! who would be idiotic enough to say you don't love your boys with the same amount of unconditional love you have for your daughters? oh, that makes me so mad. some people are living bitter lives and have nothing better to do than be judgmental and make ridiculous accusations. obviously, there is something going on in THEIR life to make them into such a miserable, upset person.

    you are lovely, your family is lovely.

  24. I'm sure nobody actually thinks you love the girls more. It's probably just that you write about them so much more than the boys. No seriously, I once clicked the boys in the search thing where it comes up each post you wrote on each child. I was looking for Gavin posts because that kid cracks me up! There's hardly any on each boy individually compared to the girls. But I imagine that's because the girls are more entertaining since they're identical and cute and at a fun age, not because you love them more. That's a stupid thing to say.


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