late night {farm} talk

You did want to hear more about harvest didn't you?!
That is all that is on my mind right now... I think that might disqualify from calling myself a city girl anymore. {grin}
80 semi loads later...
1,700 acres down
1,400 to go

I think trucks are cool. I especially like old trucks. Especially especially old trucks parked in a row on a freshly harvested field under a brilliant blue sky....

We drove around in the field for 4 hours today. Shuttling the men around. And although they wouldn't admit it on the radio, well one man did, they're really much happier with us in the field with them. {grin}
We almost got lost in the middle of a field, in the pitch black, with 2 men in the backseat giving directions and one unsure driver {not me}. I was holding 3 kids on my lap. But we made it out, without getting stuck in the mud or running into the slough. {grin}
Listening to them on the radio all day rates very high on entertainment value. Especially when Grandma & Grandpa are on. Or when my son starts singing.
see... I have a thing for them. If only I knew how to drive them.

I'm having an allergy attack from all the dust and debris in the air. Everyone around here is harvesting this week. It's a spectacular week for harvest! And apparently a spectacular week for allergies too! Praying I'll feel better tomorrow... this is not the week to get behind.
The sheriff stopped by the farm last night, for non-law enforcement reason and as he was pulling in my mind wondered for a moment if it had something to do with me telling the world we were playing hookie from school. {grin}
The hunters come tomorrow. Grandma thought they were coming NEXT month. Ooops! Ready or not here they come. We are so thankful they are staying in the basement this year so we don't have to move out. So thankful!
Well all the kids are asleep, I'm beyond tired, Paul is still out and will be until after midnight I'm sure, so I'm going to go to sleep without him. Which we never do. But tonight will have to be an exception.
I just hope I don't wake up to someone calling me to come help them move something with wheels... although if I do I guess it would be an adventure! I think I can totally do this farmers wife thing. {grin}

Goodnight all!
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  1. sounds like a wonderful experience! I always dream of a farming life!

  2. you are so lucky! i've always wanted to be a farmers wife! but hey i'll take what i can get (engineer by day, farmer-wanna-be by night). love your photos!

  3. Staceycarson10/1/10, 8:54 AM

    Your harvest posts mirror my life! It's such a tiring time of year, but it's what we "live" for around here. Sleep sure is hard to come by... and yes the allergies are somethin fierce! I'm glad you are learning to love it; it's such a magical (odd, but it is!) experience to be a part of!

  4. Gosh, I love harvest! Wish I could drive home 12 hours and hop in the cab with my Dad. Good times!

  5. Sounds like you fit perfectly into the "farmers wife" role! Love all your country pics, there are SO gorgeous. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Gosh I love your pictures!

    I hate sleeping by myself too. I always sleep soooooo much better when my husband is home next to me. But working nights is what the Lord opened up for him, so we adjust and get used to it. Sort of ;-)

  7. I have not been on your blog in a while, I have spent the last 30 minutes having a great time reading it. I love your blog. I do have a question. What will you do with dehydrated cabbage. I love my dehydrator but that is a new one to me

  8. brittanyclaire10/2/10, 7:57 PM


    I will mostly put it in soup. This is my first year with a dehydrator and oh my do I love it so far!


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