still busy

...working in the garden
...working on an archeology dig
...sprouting grains
...melting crayons
...making mud houses
...washing diapers
...going to Church
...visiting with friends
...reading "Chew on This"
and playing in the water...

what are you busy doing?
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  1. wow! sounds like your are really living life! we have been busy fall cleaning. somehow the fun of summer left us to neglect our home just a little. i think i can actually hear it giving a sigh of relief. :)

  2. Sounds like country living is going well. We are mourning the loss of our sweet beloved Golden Retriever, Kody. RIP.

  3. I love that picture.

    creating new recipes . scratching bug bites . researching weird pregnancy ailments . dealing with weird pregnancy ailments . thinking about boy names . and various and sundry trivialities.

  4. typicalteen8/29/10, 7:18 PM

    I read "Chew on This" a few years ago and havent gone to a fastfood place since!! Gross

  5. Hey there bloggy friend! Wow you're busy doing two things I've been wanting to try my hand at.......melting crayons and sprouting grains!!

    We're busy packing suitcases for a Labor Day trip, packing boxes for our upcoming move, playing soccer,catching crickets for our pet frog, and water play as well!

  6. Hi, this is my first time leaving a comment here after reading your blog for like....4 months. I really like it, and I am in love with your twin girls!!!
    have been a busy week, and i will have a very busy year, teaching a bunch of students who failed to go to mainstream schools! Hope it will be all fine, and hope things are well with you too!

    By the way, I am from Hong Kong


  7. Candra Georgi8/29/10, 11:10 PM

    I always appreciate when someone is too busy doing fun things to blog about them. Afterall, if all we do is blog are we really living a life worth blogging about? this weekend i was busy just being with my husband ALL DAY LONG and enjoying our kidlets. we swam, watched movies, visited a new mall, ate out, ate in, played, walked, went to the bookstore, went to a concert, had treats, even a few bumps and cuts...but not stitches.

  8. How do you melt your crayons? I always wanted to do this with the kiddos. My email is

  9. I use to melt crayons, when I taught Kindergarten. Thanks for bringing back such a sweet memory for me. We melted them in baby food jars in a toaster oven and put wicks into them to make them candles. The jars are really hot when they come out, so definitely an adult with an oven mitt needs to remove them. The kids really enjoyed peeling off the paper and putting the broken pieces in. It was one of our "C" activities: crayons, get the drift. We spent our weekend at a butterfly birthday party, a back to school splash party at church, and serving dinner and playing games (including 3 pinatas) for some local families who need a little pick me up! It was busy but grand!

  10. I want to hear more about your archeology dig!! Need a post about that! I'm busy loving my new baby boy!!! :)

  11. oh such cute little chubby fingers!! love em!
    im just sitting here wasting time...what SHOULD i be doing??
    getting ready to start the school yr, calling the insurance co about adding a 15 pass. van to our policy, folding laundry, washing the kitchen floor...etc. etc. etc.

    i think i'd like to come make mud houses with you...sounds like fun!

  12. I really love this photo.

  13. Nice pic!!

    I am busy trying to convince my baby to be born already. =)

  14. Queen Mommy8/30/10, 1:27 PM

    Today (and yesterday) I am busy canning tomatoes, some crushed and some oven-roasted pasta sauce. After that, I need to make pesto to freeze. Hoping to get some fall raspberries for freezing too. One of these days, I really need to try sprouting grain again! And, thinking about starting our homeschooling up again next week.

  15. Loving! Amazing how a child opens your heart even more!
    Thanks for sharing your fun family.

  16. Yesterday we were busy reorganizing the living room. It didn't flow well enough for us. PLUS, the couch was covering up one of the heating vents. We had our 1st snow at the beginning of October last year and are going to be having TWO nights this week that it'll be around freezing temps ... so we really needed to uncover that vent. Also had to organize my closet that had all outgrown clothes in it.

    Oh my WORD. Itty bitty baby clothes ..... {sorry, baby fever here}. They were allllllll in garbage bags, but now they're all nicely packed away into storage bins.

    And, of course, the normal cleaning, disciplining, cooking, homeschooling, etc etc etc etc etc lol


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