late night thoughts...

we're doing VBS all week... from 9:30-1pm. It's long, but the kids are loving it and it's going surprisingly well with the littles too. Oh and by saying it starts at 9:30 doesn't mean I've been there at 9:30 {yet}!

we're not doing school this week {see above} but last week we were learning about Africa, oil spills, signing our ABC's, writing and addressing letters & gardening.

our garden is coming along beautifully. Most of the seeds are sprouted, we're still waiting on some slow pokes. Gavin is counting down the days until the purple cabbage is ready! {grin}

I've been thinking a lot about unschooling and homeschooling and what is important for our family. Teaching children is deep and way more than I thought it would be. But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

We've been talking a lot about the oil spill... very sad and upsetting. It's been an amazing opportunity to learn about our choices and how they impact the environment, Americas obsession with oil and how we are or have been contributed to the US addiction, how fragile and amazing the ecosystems are, and how overwhelmingly obvious that God is our perfect and amazing creator, and a little bit about big greedy companies. See... a lot to learn.

We went to the park with some friends Saturday afternoon, the wind was constant {which is normal here} until it stopped and the mosquitoes got thick, so we left and headed to one of their homes to play games. We drove home in a lightening storm like I've never seen.... so wish I had my 15mm lens. But as Gavin says "I took a picture in my mind".

Nolia was apparently bitten on the corner of her eye and woke up with her eye almost swollen shut... it's looking much better... but man was it bad!

I drove 4 hours {round trip} to go grocery shopping. With 5 kids. I wore the girls {one in front and one in back} through the whole store. We filled 3 carts full. We were a freak show. {grin}

I have never been a fan of Walmart... but it's the only big store here. So we've been shopping there. Not anymore... it's not good for anyone to shop there. We've vowed to only shop hometown locally owned stores. Fits right in with my thrifty and homemade ways.

The soybeans are planted and now it's time to spray... makes me cringe... but it's not our farm or our choice. We're focusing on the bigger picture... dreaming the bigger dream... it can happen one day.

Since we're in farming now... which is odd to say... because we don't own any land nor are we employed by any farmers. But we live on the farm and we're working on the farm. We've been reading, learning and soaking up agriculture, something we are passionate about. It's a little sticky and unfair... but then again... what big anything is fair and true.... besides God.

Speaking of farming... the girls are FARM girls.
They say...
daddy working
grain bin
and much more.
Farm girls for sure!

tomorrow is another day... another day to live, love, laugh and follow God.
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