numbers right now

6 lilac flowers stapled to the window frame outside my bedroom window
3 thoughtful boys
2 girls who escaped the house nakid and ran over to grandma & grandpas
1 little boy & dad on their way home from town
3 people we drove past on our way to VBS...
2 friends & 1 family member
5 ticks removed this week
6 times our property has been sprayed by a skunk
1,000,000,000,000 bugs that swarmed the house last week
0 bug bites
100 bugs that surround the house now
25 bug bites
2 apple trees planted
36 pea sprouts popping up
0 sweet potatoes breaking above the ground
10 days until our friends from home come to visit
14 excited people
20 days I've been without my favorite lens
14 books read today
3 addictive readers in the house
3 avocados on my window sill
11 items forgotten on our trip to the store
2 pizzas in the oven
1 mama hopeful for an early bedtime {grin}

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