What's for lunch...

salmon on Ezekiel bread

napa cabbage, red cabbage, leek, cucumber


salmon, hemp seeds & olive oil

a couple tips that encourage little ones to try new food...

put the less desirable food on top of the food you know they will eat
...the girls will almost always eat there way through something to get to their favorites {grin}

and the best tip of all...
you eat the same thing with them!

If I make a point to show the girls what I'm eating
...and how much I enjoy it
they will usually start digging in too!

now do you want the recipe? {grin}

it's super simple
we make HUGE batches so you might want to scale this down...

1 red cabbage sliced in shreds
1 napa cabbage sliced into shreds
1 cucumber sliced
1 leek sliced
drizzle with olive oil
balsamic vinegar
sea salt
and a dash of raw sugar
top with hemp seeds

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