on a drive

Yesterday I was called on the radio
...to come pick up our oldest son.

I left the farm in the red pick-up
...just me and my camera

as I passed our little big lake...
I watched the waves crash to the shore
...and the pelicans coast over the water

I drove down the dirt road
...onto a small patch of pavement
...back to dirt
and then onto this very hilly grass road

...to pick up Grayson
who was out picking rocks in the rock picker
...by his choice.

we watched dad roll up in the seeder...
bring along a cloud of dust
...and another little helper.

The eyes this boy has...
they are only an outside glimpse
...of his inside beauty

and for those who say North Dakota is flat...
this is for you {grin}

we stopped along the way to say hi the happy cows...

Gavin was a bit grossed out by the thought of eating them {grin}

and then we continued home...
over the lake and past the trees
to Grandpas farm we go

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