What's for lunch...




.on the plate.


organic carrots & red pepper...
{not organic... can not wait for our garden to grow}

organic grape tomato & organic apple

organic-canned chick-peas & store bought hummus
{I WILL start using dried beans... I just need to get into a route...soon!}

natural just olives & avocado... mashed because I was having guacamole
{organic avocado isn't necessary... their skin is very thick & aren't as heavily sprayed}

yes... this may look similar to the last lunch I shared
Indeed it is.
Lunches for the littles {ozzie, eliza & nolia} are typically all finger food
lots of veggie, fruit & bean choices
it's easy
it's quick
and it's yummy!

they do eat the same as us at dinner
and sometimes at lunch
...as I'll share next week
along with a tip to getting kids to eat different foods {grin}

Question for you...

what do your kids eat for lunch?

we're talking about it in the comments! Come join us! I'd love to talk about it!
you know.. since I love talking food! {grin}

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