delurk for haiti

I'm sure you've all already heard about what happened on January 12th

Haiti was hit with the largest Earthquake in 200 years

reports are talking about hundreds of thousands of people dead


They need help
they need our help

If you've been reading our blog for a while
...or are stopping by for the first time

Leave a comment
pray for Gods children in Haiti
they are are brothers and sisters

For each comment received on this post our family will donate $.10
to Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center

I know it's not a lot
but it's what we can do
and together every little bit counts
your generosity to our family showed me that
...and we will never forget it.

So please
Leave a comment
pray for Gods children in Haiti
they are are brothers and sisters

and then join me
in asking your readers
to delurk for Haiti

Add your name to the MckLinky below
You can use the above button
and please link back to this post
so your readers can find all of our blogs

Think of the impact we could all make together
if we all commented on all of our blogs

and trust me
you can give
it doesn't have to be much
you can give $.05 or $5 for each comment
every little bit counts

giving is so very needed

but so are our prayers
I have a dear friend who has been fighting...
to bring her son home from Haiti for 3 1/2 years.
Can you imagine if your child was in Haiti right now
waiting to come home to you
and now being completely unsure if it will ever happen.
Parents who love their children in Haiti
just the same as we love our children cozy in their beds right now.

Please read her blog to hear more specific details
oh how to pray
and how you can contact your congress and state representatives
to help these Children come home.

Pray for them
pray for their children
pray that they will be able to bring their children home
pray that their paperwork is not lost

pray for all of the children
pray for all of the people

God can bring Glory out of despair!

please join me.

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...all pictures are from Real Hope For Haiti

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