We're home!

I'm guessing most of you assumed we had made it home
...but there were a few of you who were worried.

I am sorry I didn't let you know we made it home safely

I guess you could say I was a bit preoccupied
...with friends
and family
and this little guys 3rd birthday!

The girls giggled with excitement when we walked in the door
...they were crawling when we left
and now all six of our children have walked on these oak floors
that makes me happy.

Ozzie was thrilled to see his crib again
...but slept in mama & dads room anyway

Gavin was in awe of his forgotten toys
...he started packing them right away

Vance went straight to his craft drawer and started working
...and then as soon as the sun came up he was waiting to play with his best friend

Grayson was pumped to get his hands on the last half of the book series he is reading
...he had no idea how fast he could read through 40 books!

Ozzie keeps saying we're at the wrong house
...the farm is the right house.

Gavin has gone missing a few times
...only to discover him next door
Good 'ole times indeed!

Vance has moved into his best friends house
...and I think he might be making plans to move him to the farm too.

Grayson had to scour the place to find a power strip
to plug in his 3-prong laptop
He left home an 8 year old
...and now he is a 9 year old indeed!

The girls don't like their big bright room for naps anymore
...either that or they think they are giving up nap taking

they broke their crib
they shook it so hard
the nuts came off.

I'm so happy to be home
love my floors
why is it that black and white tile floor and wood floors make me happy?!
I was super excited about using my washing machine again
but it won't work
our furnace won't work either
but i'm still happy to be home! {grin}

now I need to go check on the girls
...make sure they haven't broke their crib again!
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