Cloth diapering 101

You want to {CLOTH} what?!

although {cloth diapering} has increased in popularity lately
there are STILL lots of skeptics
it might be YOU or your HUSBAND

or MAYBE you think it's a good idea but everyone {else} is telling you NOT to

OR maybe you are just WAY to confused to know where to START!

WhatEVER the reason...
I HOPE this post will {help} you along {your} cloth diapering ADVENTURE

and yes... I said ADVENTURE! {grin}

Why {cloth} diaper?

It's better for the environment
YOU will not {contribute} to the estimated 10,000 tons of disposables that are added to the landfills EVERY day!
Your trash CAN won't stink so bad!

It's better for your BABIES bum
Your baby will have less diaper rash
No sodium polycralate {those little crystals} on your babies bum

It's better for your {wallet}
Check out THIS great calculator to figure out how much you can SAVE

No late night runs to the store for diapers


In order for cloth diapering to really work well for your family you probably need to get into a good routine. What works for me may not work for you... but it might help you create your own routine.

.MY {wash} Routine.

Take the diaper{s} off
fasten the Velcro to the laundry tabs and set aside
wipe... toss the wipes on top of the diapers
put CLEAN diaper{s} on

then I carry the diapers into the bathroom where I keep our pail
If it's only wet I toss directly into the pail
If it's soiled I turn the diaper inside out and knock the poop off
...this usually works very well if you do it right away
... if you wait sometimes you need to help it off {ewww I know!}
{I keep an old spatula in the diaper pail to use if needed}

Once the pail is full or I ONLY have 6 diapers left I bring the whole pail to the washer
Since I've already made sure all the velcro is fastened to the laundry taps...
and they're as clean as it's going to get before going into the washer
All I need to do is dump them all in washing machine

.IN {the} washer.

THIS is where all the {magic} happens
I wash the diapers THREE times

{one} wash the diapers on COLD with soap
{two} wash the diapers on HOT with soap
{three} wash the diapers on HOT with NO soap

after the diapers are washed I try to dry them on the line if at all possible
if NOT I dry them in the dryer on medium for 70 minutes
{not all brands recommend using the dryer... check your diapers first to make sure}

NOW washing {can} go GOOD or BAD
hopefully I can HELP with...

.a few WASHING tips.

USE the right soap
...don't use any soap with additives, perfumes, ect.
BUT don't use free & clear either!

SO what do you use?
Charlies Soap... awesome soap however it is NOT a disinfectant so be sure to use bac-out or oxygen bleach every 10 days or so
Allen's Naturally
Country Save
Soap Nuts

So... you've WASHED but your diapers still SMELL?!

Make SURE you are washing frequently
EVERY 2-4 days should be enough

MAYBE you have a detergent build up?

are you using regular soap on all of your clothes?
TRY using the {same} soap on everything... mixing soaps- even is separate washes is a bad idea.

MAYBE your washer isn't rinsing well enough?
Try ADDING an extra rinse at the end {YES that would be FOUR washes}

Are you USING regular soap?
Most soaps are NOT made to thoroughly clean a soiled diaper

IF your having leaking and wicking issues you MOST {likely} have a detergent build up
IF they are {absorbent} but SMELL you most {likely} have a bacteria problem

WHAT do {you} do NOW?

rinse RINSE rinse
wash your diapers 6-8-10 times with NO soap

IF that does {not} work
...try adding 1/4 C. vinegar to the wash
Vinegar is GREAT at restoring the pH balance and removing residue
HOWEVER it is not recommended on many AIO diapers.
You {can} STILL use vinegar just make SURE to not use too much and {again} RINSE thoroughly!

If it's STILL not working...
TRY tea tree {oil}
It is naturally antibacterial & antifungal.
Just make sure to {again} RINSE a few extra times to make sure all the oil is out.

If ALL THAT does {not} work
...use a little EVIL bleach {grin}
Bum Genius actually {recommends} using bleach on occasion
...but most say it's a no-no.
Just add an extra....

can you guess?!

RINSE afterward to make sure all the bleach residue is gone!

and {don't} forget SUN power!
drying OUTSIDE is much better for smell, stains & your electric bill!

NOW you know {why} and {how}...
but you are STILL wondering what diapers to choose

You'll just have to tune in for {Cloth Diapering 101} part 2
don't worry...
it's only a short break. {grin}

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  1. Scrape with a spatula, 3 to 4 washes, smell troubles that could be bacteria?! No thanks. All that water usage? Other commenters say it's fine because water is a renewable resource. Tell that to the kids in Africa. 


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