a little bit of this

and a WHOLE LOT of this...

harvesting that is.

as fast as we can before the snow comes.

Yes I said WE
and SNOW

I don't actually harvest
...but I don't think they could get along quite so well without me! {grin}

I think I am learning to be a very helpful farmers wife.
Packing lunches
delivering the lunches
transporting men, children and grandparents from tractor to grain cart, to combine, to pick-up and back again
running to town for parts
and being there to answer the calls for help

and the SNOW part
...10-12 inches if Grandma is correct
tomorrow we will know.

Snow when there are still beans on the ground leaves everyone a little
...rushed and slightly anxious.
Especially when Grandpa is out of commission.

while leaves very LITTLE time for...
early bedtime
and everything in between.


UPDATE: Since writing this Grandpa is back in the hospital. He was released after the accident but has not been recovering well. They just admitted him with pneumonia, broken clavicle and a broken rib. I just knew the way he was holding his chest yesterday felt all to familiar.

Thank you for all of your prayers and sweet words! You are all such a blessing!

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