GOD knew...

exactly what HE was doing when he gave us each child
...in exactly the perfect order

The way they all {mesh} together
...and take care of each other

It's as though they were made for each other
...in fact I'm sure that's exactly what God was doing

God knew Grayson would be the perfect oldest son
and he would be exactly the right age
when his twin sisters came along

God knew we needed Vance
16 months younger than Grayson

the {LOVE} they would have
in their hearts for their sisters

God knew...
they would do anything for them

when they put them to sleep in their arms...

How blessed we are to have a God that KNOWS
a God that has a PERFECT plan
for YOU
and for ME

a plan that we can not understand
but must have faith...
that the God who gave us life
and gave His one and only son for US
knows YOU and ME
and LOVES us more than we can fathom

and he wants to show you!

doesn't that bring you a sigh of relief?

Whew! I am SO glad I'm not the one with the plan
...I might totally screw it up if I was! {grin}
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