You asked it! Farm Edition {part 2}

More farm questions answered... better late than never! {grin}

If you missed the first set of "you asked it... farm edition" you can check them out here!

Q: are you able to keep up with your usual diet for the family at the farm?

A: Yes & No! I cook most of our meals {we eat with Grandma & Grandpa probably twice a week} so I have been making our usual meals. However there have been many differences....

such as:
::there is pop and juice that is tempting the boys. We let them have juice every few days and they have split a few orange pops. No caffeine though.

::Grandma buys cookies, candy, granola bars {not the good kind} and she likes to treat the boys. Which is fine... they are loving it and it's not permanent!

::They don't pay attention to ingredients for the most part so lots of foods have corn syrup, msg, yeast extract, white flour, sugar, artificial flavors, ect. You know... the typical things we try to avoid. {grin}

::Grandma does cook with soy, even though she's been so sweet to try to limit that. It's just her that eats soy, Grandpa doesn't eat it.

::and oh yes, there is lots of {for us} cheese. And I'm eating too much of it! {grin}
although as of a few days ago I have decided to cut it out again because I can tell we're all not feeling as well.

It is definitely different from home but with a touch of the usual!

Q: do you have your usual grocery and health-food access?

A: NO! And what a bummer it is... there is a local grocery store {with one isle of over priced "natural food} and a super Walmart that has no organic canned beans, poor produce section with NO organic, very limited natural foods & higher prices. OY!

We're thinking about trying to find a place to order bulk non-perishable food online and have it delivered. Know of a good place??

Q:what are your kiddos enjoying about farm life?

A: I think they really are having a great time! It's been an adjustment in many ways but everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves. We've seen a positive attitude and more family bonding... just what we were looking for!

The boys have been reading a TON, riding their scooters in the shop, helping around the farm, driving tractors, trucks, gators, catching turtles, frogs, bugs, and just hanging around.

We're looking forward to starting school within the next few weeks too!

Q:are you near any town, city, or are you truly in the middle of nowhere? :-)

A: Yes and No! Right now, as I sit in the living room, we are in the middle of nowhere. We are about 15-20 minutes {depending on how fast you drive on gravel roads} to the little town with a post office, grain elevator and church. Then you can get on the interstate and drive another 25-35 minutes {again depending on how fast you drive {70-90mph}} to get into the main town where there is a super walmart, grocery store, subway, gas stations, library, ect.

Q: where do you get internet access?

A: Good question! {grin} On Paul's phone... he has somehow set his phone up as an internet server {genius!} and we have internet on the computer and laptop as long as the phone is in the house. Although we don't leave it on, he takes his phone with him when he's out working... or he'll forward his calls to Grayson's phone if I beg him to let me use it while the girls nap. {grin}

Q: do you find it ironic that you are farming soybeans but are so anti soy? no judging here, just wondering.

A: Maybe slightly... but not really! Soy is used for SO MUCH more than food production. It can be used for adhesives, coatings and printing inks, lubricants, plastics and fuel. I don't hate soy... I just don't believe it is healthy for us to eat!

{if you're a new reader and wondering why we don't eat soy you can read about it HERE}

And plus, it's not our farm! And not my place to judge just because it's not what I would choose. God loves us all! {grin}


  1. I'm not sure about pricing, but you should be able to find what you need/want!! ;) It was the only one that I could find that was nation wide. (The rest were very local to the area right around the stores.)


  2. Reminds me of my sister-in-law and her family in South Dakota! Life out in the middle of "nowhere" can be fun and hard and peaceful and different....sounds like you're all having a wonderful time!

  3. When we lived in NoDak the closesest Wal-Mart was 80 miles away and not on the free-way.

    There's got to be somebody in that big town getting deliveries from UNFI. I'll talk to our coordinator and see if there's a way to search for groups in your area.


  4. I am not very active in the co-op, so I do not know details, but a friend of mine introduced me to via her co-op, so they might be an option.

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  6. Try - they have grains, etc. that are good. Orders over $75 (I think) are shipped for free.

  7. Depending on where you are I could pick some things up for you! We are heading to fergus falls and Whapeton ND next weekend! I am sure you are further up then that though! I live in Minneapolis though and have access to lots of things!

  8. How long are y'all staying at the farm? Is it a permanent move or just like a vacation kind of thing?

  9. Try I have personally ordered from them and was very happy you can even order things like free range chickens, flour, and canned things.. they come on a frozen truck if you want meats and things like that.

  10. My guess is that you'd be better off just driving to the nearest "big" town with better stores and bringing coolers, etc by the time you factor in the cost of delivery.

    Can't wait to hear about homeschooling!

  11. I'm intrigued, what is wrong with eating 'yeast extract' ... My daughter LOVES Marmite (Yeast extract!)

  12. glad that you're all enjoying your time and bonding even more. i think it is awesome.
    (and, selfishly, so thankful that you have internet access!) good work, paul! =)

  13. Go see FOOD MUST.
    Who are the soybeans grown for?
    Montsano? (I pray not!)

    It is going to be hard to leave there. The farm life is so lovely! :)

  14. Grayson has a cell phone ! My nine year old doesn't have a cell yet, I think he's still so young ! Why did you decide to give Grayson one ? I'm just curious :)

  15. Grayson has a cell phone ! My nine year old doesn't have a cell yet, I think he's still so young ! Why did you decide to give Grayson one ? I'm just curious :)

  16. I'm curious about the yeast extract as well. I'm allergic to yeast so I avoid it anyway, but was wondering about your reason...

  17. Hi! When we were in Minot, we ordered through Azure ( The are some limits, but if you order enough, it's pretty cost-effective. We still use them in SD. There might be a drop in a town near you, or they will deliver closer if you place a large orger.

  18. The part about the post office, church, and grain elevator made me laugh. I guess these things - large or small, middle of nowhere or not - are all in the eyes of the beholder, huh?

  19. I also recommend Azure Standard. There are several truck routes and one just might be in your area. The trucks start on the west coast and work their way east. I order from them (in MT) and so does my family in ND. I am not sure where you are in reference to them - they live in Watford City. It is the cheapest option I have found for decent healthy food.

  20. I'm quite glad that I've found your blog... you have a beautiful outlook on things and appreciate your words (along with the beautiful pictures and exciting adventures!). God does love all of us, doesn't He! :) Thanks for that! ;)

  21. I haven't been following your blog for too long, but since I've started, I'm so enjoying it! It sounds like you are a vegan. I am, too, and it's so hard to keep it up when staying places other than home! Good luck to you and it's great to "meet" you! P.S. I've got 4 little men + boy twins + 3 girly girls (oh, and one on the way!)I'm there with you, sister!

  22. Wow...I don't know if I can even imagine being that far from anything! It does sound fun though!

    I agree with those that suggested Azure Standard. The cheapest organic + bulk I've found also. Great if there is enough people near by that use it and a close drop point to you guys!

    Fun to read the tid bits of what is going on over there!

  23. Brittany,

    I have a question for you. Did you give any of your babies "polyvisol vitamins" The peditrician prescribed me some for my 3 month old baby. I breastfeed 90% of the time, and I am curious to hear about infants, breastfeeding, and vitamins.

    I take my baby outside to play, and walk for a little while each day, and I believe he can get enough vitamin D from the sun, don't you think?

    What about iron in breasfed babies?


  24. gretchen from lifenut8/11/09, 11:03 AM

    I thought of a question...I know you are going to homeschool this year, and I think that's admirable.

    Did you decide to do it before or after the decision was made to go to the farm? One of the beauties of homeschooling is flexibility!

    How do the education standards transfer from one state to another? Does North Dakota and your home state have different requirements/standards? Which will you follow?

    I don't envy you having to sort all this out. It must be hard! Good luck! :)

  25. I give you so much credit for being so flexible and gracious about the change in your eating habits. It really shows that while it's important to you, people matter more. I'm so glad you're being blessed by this time on the farm. And I wish I had your photog skills! :)

  26. I give you so much credit for being so flexible and gracious about the change in your eating habits. It really shows that while it's important to you, people matter more. I'm so glad you're being blessed by this time on the farm. And I wish I had your photog skills! :)

  27. Don't forget that soy also makes great candles that are environment friendly and non-toxic:) It may not be healthy for us to eat, but when it comes to burning, it's far superior to other waxes.


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