{can you} Find it

Okay that was just a joke {grin}

as you can SEE the ladybug is quite obvious...

much easier to see than this little bug!

but can you believe how much the wheat has turned in the past few weeks?!

I sound like I'm becoming some kind of farmer or something! {grin}

speaking of FARM... I'm working on the rest of your farm questions right now!
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  1. I like these pictures! Very neat and fun to see :)

  2. Jennifer Melda8/8/09, 6:18 PM

    Plllllllease tell us what lens you use to help YOU get these amazing photos! Notice I said help... because I realize that you are also an amazing photographer regardless of the equipment! :)

  3. Yes! Pray tell what lens you use for that close up shot:)!

  4. love it. Ladybugs are my fav.

  5. ladybug is much more obvious.

    btw...i was one of the winners on that post, just wanted to confirm that you had received my email :)

  6. Gorgeous photo! Love little ladybugs... oh, so sweet. :)


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