You and Me

.you and me.

You just turned 29
I'm still 27
You wear glasses
I only wear sunglasses
You rock your baby girls to sleep
I feed the baby girls to sleep
You help with the dishes without prompting
I do the laundry
You don't even flinch at changing 2 diapers at a time
I wash the diapers
You never take your wedding ring off and it's all scratched up
I love that!
Your diesel shoes that you've worn for the last 5 1/2 years just died
I'm going to buy you a new pair of shoes for your birthday
You tickle the bugs out of the boys
I take better pictures than you
You never complain about my cooking
I love it when we cook together
You are passionate about raising a healthy family
I am so thankful to share that passion with you
You are head over heels in love with your girls
I have 2 little girls head over heels in love with me
You are teaching Grayson how to drive
I am teaching Grayson to love learning
You are Vance's barber
I love doing art with Vance
You get Gavin to laugh when no one can
I love Gavin's bear hugs
You take Ozzie on rides... long or short
I love holding my Ozzie
You can make a mean breakfast of omelets and waffles
I make everyone's favorite chili
You are excited about homeschooling
I am excited too
You grew up in the country... mostly
I've never lived in the country
You can find your way anywhere without a map
I get lost easily
You drink coffee
I only drink water with the occasional sip of your cherry coke
You wear our babies
I wear our babies
You mow the lawn
I clean the floors
You fix the house
I decorate the house
You carry both babies with ease
I wear both babies with ease
You get the mail
I take out the trash
You pay the bills
I organize the desk
You carry in sleeping children
I carry in everything else
You go to the grocery store with 3 kids
I go to the grocery store with 6 kids
You are a heavy sleeper
I wake up at every noise
You could survive in the woods for days
I have no idea what would happen to me {grin}
You can drive ANYTHING
I can only drive vehicles with 4 normal wheels {or smaller}
You wrestle with the boys
I smoother the boys with hugs and kisses
You read 1000 words a minute
I type 100 words a minute
You have brown wavy hair
I have red curly hair
You can stay up all night
I can only last until 4am
You always wear a belt
I hardly ever wear a belt
You tan easily and stay tan
I tan slightly and it fades away
You love to feed babies table food
I love watching you feed our babies table food
You forget to take the trash out on trash day
I always remind you to take the trash out on trash day
You make sure Sadie has been fed
I make sure the children have been fed
You wash dishes
I load and unload the dishwasher
You use the broom
I use the vacuum
You wear jeans everyday
I wear flip flops and necklaces everyday
You pray with the family
I read the bible story to the family
You dream of racing
I dream of photography
You were made for me
I was made for you

You written by Brittany
I written by Paul

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  1. that was awesome. i had to read it again after finding out who wrote what. silly, huh? {grin} but i loved it

  2. awesome...amazing to see such love..thanks!

  3. That was a great post! I had to re-read it, too :)

  4. That was so sweet, I cant even get my hubby to look at my blog:)

  5. I read it again as well...was it fun to do this together?? I think it would have been great fun.....

    NICE :):)

  6. That is too sweet and such a great idea!!

    I can feel the love :)

  7. I love that! What a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. today's my husband's birthday, too!

  9. fantastic...what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall and to be a sponge to absorb some of your creativity!!

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing that!

  11. Awww!!! Happy B-day Paul!!!! :)) Have a great weekend!!!

  12. Ohhhhhh how I love this! So beautifully sweet. Happy Birthday to Paul.

  13. I need a tissue now...

  14. That was the coolest. :)

  15. I'm both swooning AND jealous right now!! I love this and I want to find that for myself someday!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  16. The sweetest thing I've read all...month!

    Love the love.

    It'd be fun to do this. : )

    Happy 29th to Paul!

  17. this is sooo sweet, britt!

  18. I haven't comment (although I've peeked in on occasion, can't believe how big the girls are getting!) in awhile because we haven't had a computer at home, but we just got it back (after well over 4 months - UGH!) Anyway, Loved this last post. I too had to reread it after I found out who wrote what. My hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks and I might take this idea. To cute!


  19. I absolutly loved that Brit. Thank you for sharing

  20. AMAZING! I LOVED this post!

  21. What a great post and a great blog! Glad I came across it!

  22. Wow that was very well written! Loved reading it!

  23. Sweetest thing I've read in weeks. Y'all are darling!

  24. Happy Birthday, Paul!

    That reminds me...I need to go get the mail.

  25. Such a special post! Loved it!

  26. So.In.Love!

    Great post :)


  27. That was a GREAT post! So creative and thoughtful!

  28. romantic....sighhh!!

  29. AWW You guys! That was so stinkin' sweet. I just love to hear people who are still in love with eachother.

  30. So Sweet! Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? MFEO!! (it's made for each other, in case you have not)

  31. That was to sweet. Thanks for sharing!


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