Find it and a prize!

.CONTEST ENDED... winner will be announced this weekend.

Can you find it?

as I was looking at this AWESOME photo of wheat I noticed something in the picture...
something that you wouldn't have seen in person.

Can you figure out what it is?

I am going to turn comment moderation on for this post so you can't cheat! ha!

The prize?!?!

An AWESOME set of potholders from Pepper ELM on Etsy

If you're a dedicated reader you have probably seen them before in some of my cooking pictures! {grin}

Just look at them....

they are irresistible
which is why I had to have them
and I am so glad I do! {grin}

I am missing my gorgeous set of potholders and dish towel at home...
I coulda, shoulda, woulda brought them along had I remembered!

But I already feel better knowing that one of you will be using your very own set soon! And those who don't win... I dare you to resist buying your very own set! {grin}

anyone can enter
contest ends tonight or tomorrow
there is a possibility of a tie breaker...
Have Fun!

.CONTEST ENDED... winner will be announced this weekend.

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  1. I never comment on your blog but I check it daily and enjoy your photography a lot. And I found that one little weevil (beetle?) Hate those little critters in the kitchen but don't know if they do much damage out in the field. BTW, we were kind of close to you last week when we spent a week with my sister in Brookings, SD. Beautiful country, especially green because of all the rain you've been having there.

  2. I don't even know what a weevil beetle looks like! I'll have to google it and then look at the photo again!

  3. there are a tone of weevel beetles...could you do one of those drawing on the photo things to point it out....or is it that blury thing in the "background"?

  4. I saw a face on the Right side of the picture

  5. I totally see the person the left side of the picture. They look like they might be kneeling. :)

    Beautiful picture though!

  6. Oops I just read the contest is closed. :)



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