Wrap me up!

As most of you know...
I LOVE babywearing
I've used...
ring slings
Mei tie's
structured carriers

but I had never used a wrap.

It's not that I didn't like them, I simply thought they were...
too hard
too hot
too much fuss.

oh my, was I wrong!

Gypsy Mama sent me their newest wrapsody bali breeze to take pictures of for their site.

{see Noli playing with my necklace- I have to tell you about that necklace. I LOVE it! It is a MUST have babywearing accessory. In my opinion.}

...and all I can say is wrap me up! I am in LOVE with their wrap! I have been wearing it all the time lately.

Everyone likes to ask me...
"what is your ONE favorite"
and I really can't say

But I can tell you WHY I love my new gypsy mama wrap {grin}


Super easy to put on- once you watch her AWESOME dvd.
Honestly the BEST instructions to wrap wearing EVER!!!

It's light-weight and not smothering like you might think.

Incredibly versatile.

Distributes babies weight amazingly well... it's like you're preggo again! {grin}

and did I mention it's GORGEOUS!
{I've worn it to the store a few times now and have been stopped EVERY time}

So... Yes I was given this wrap but would I spend my own money on it?
YES! I wish I would have purchased a wrap years ago! Poor Grayson... all he got to be carried around in was a horrible snugglie and grungy backpack! OY!


Now I want to know...
Do you wrap?
Do you have the same iffy thoughts I did?
Just curious! {grin}

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  1. I have 2 kids an have never used one. I have always wanted one but at the time just wasn't in the budget...i definitely will NOT miss out next time!!!

  2. I made my own out of fleece so I could wear Donut at the water park. It's awesome because the fleece doesn't stretch out, I didn't have to sew a thing, and it dries super fast. Everytime we've gone someone asks me where I got it. Haha, they're not too happy when I say hobby lobby. But come on, I got 3 wraps for a total of 20 bucks, can't beat that. Now I need to actually learn how to sew so I can make one to wear all the time.

  3. She looks very happy in there! Super Cute!

  4. I really wanted a wrap and now I just found one at a consignment shop for $25. It is a Moby Wrap and I like the way it works! Comfy and snugly!

  5. When we adopted my little girl one of my friends sent me a Mai Tai and I love love love it.
    We are about to adopt again so I think I might have to try the wrap out!

    You're right, it is gorgeous!

  6. I have wanted to try a wrap, but had heard that they were better for tiny babies, and that by the time babies were 4 or 5 months old, they would probably "slip" pretty badly in a wrap. I don't know, by the looks of those pictures, it doesn't seem like Nolia is goin' anywhere! She looks snug as a bug :)

  7. I have had one for many years and love it. I especially love using it when we have people over and I can keep my newborn close to me. My older kids (almost 10 and 8) love wearing their baby brother too.


  8. I am a big wrapper ;) and I love it! I've got the organic Moby wrap, which is comfy, but I'd absolutely love a Gypsy Mama or Storchenweige. There's something so great about a beautiful carrier - sometimes, that makes all the difference! I'm far more likely to wear my Moby when it goes well with the rest of my outfit, you know?
    I was a little "iffy" at first, but that was with my first child who was already 6 months old by the time I got my wrap. With my second child, I've been wrapping since he was first born. I love it so much. He's such a squishy cuddly boy and I find that wraps make for truly hands-free babywearing!
    I'm so glad you showed us such lovely photos of your wrap! I love the batik!! Gorgeous!

  9. I love the wrap!!! I've made several of my own out of five yards of crinkle cotton or gauze. I found bolts of it at Wal-Mart a few years back for only $1 a yard. I don't do any sewing because it comes in 45 inch width with selvaged edges and I just trim the frays off the ends. Very simple very cheap very vesatile.

    I tie-dyed the one I use the most so it's easy to find the center because it's a certain color.

    I think wraps are so much more secure than slings or pouches. I'm always afraid of tipping the baby out of the pouch.

    The one you pictured is beautiful!!!


  10. Love the wrap - I need one. I have a sling that I use for Audrey because she has an adversion to riding in the stroller with her sister. So I wear one and push the other!

  11. I have a Moby Wrap and I love it.

  12. My boys are 14, 12 and 8 and I tried to wear them with those super-uncomfortable packs that were available at the time. It seems like once they got to about 20lbs., my back couldn't take it anymore. I don't know if it was me or the snuggli?

    Anyway, I am trying to convince dh that we should have another baby so I can wear him/her properly. He's not buying it though :-)

  13. Ok, maybe its just a shadow or the way your shirt falls, but I seem to notice a little baby bump in that 1st picture...am I right?! You are very thin and fit in all your other pics you've posted, so I know its not just a little extra tummy hanging around. I SO hope I'm right, I think you need JUST one more lil one to your bunch :)

  14. I didn't carry either of my first kids. I tried with the first but only had a cheap backpack type carrier that no newborn could ever fit properly in.

    This time around a friend gave me a ring sling and although i still have a few more months before i can use it my sister used it and fell in love! I cant wait to try it out.

    I would love to try a wrap. But they always intimidated me a bit. I think i might have to give it a try though.

  15. What lovely photo's....am a granny now so dont wrap, in my days we had a very different looking baby carrier and I did use one of those.

  16. i love wraps :)
    that ones beautiful!

  17. To the last anonymous poster... sure it's a baby bump... it's the baby's leg!!

    (BTW the necklace link is broken... it leads to some sort of copycat site.)

  18. I had a Moby wrap with my first and didn't find it convenient because I was mostly wanting a pop in and out type sling. Since my husband doesn't get the whole babywearing thing, I had to get rid of that to get a ring sling. Anyway, maybe next time! It does look pretty.

  19. That wrap is beautiful!! Gorgeous pictures also :)

    I do wrap. I have a sleepywrap that I love love love, and try to still use it, but it's not as comfy as when we were using it when Paige was tiny. I'm *this close* to trying to get a woven wrap, they're gorgeous!

  20. I have a sling and I don't really like it--simply put, my son weighs over 20lbs at 7 months. The rings dig into me and my back hurts so bad!! This wrap looks amazing and the weight looks so evenly distributed!! Now I have to have one :)

  21. beautiful! i use a flece hotsling and an ergo. i had a cotton unpadded mei tai with my daughter...but sadly, loaned it out with no return. i have been looking all week for a new carrier...and am dying to try a wrap, but wanted something light weight (i am very petite and dont' want to drown in it...not to mention summer heat).

    do you know the name of the color? or when they will be avaliable for purchase? i checked her site but didnt' see that one.


  22. Beautiful sling
    I used to have a hugabub wrap sling. Loved it once it was on.... so comfy... but quite inconvenient to put on in the rain outside the car due to long trailing wrap trails!!

  23. I liked the IDEA of babywearing with my first three kids, but did not like the snugli and just didn't know what all the other options were! I got a hotsling with baby #4 and it was better, but still not my fave. Then with #5 I got a Sleepy Wrap and fell in LOVE with baby wearing! Recently I discovered the Babyhawk Mei Tai and love it too :)

  24. I wrapped Oceana from about 1yr on, but I only had a silky Indian sari to wrap with - she slipped easily and it wasn't very comfy. But the Moby I was given for Naomi is AWESOME! Just love it.

    The wrap looks great on you. I checked their babywearing instructions on their page and saw the option to wear two at once. Hey, if you ever try it please oh please post pictures! I love seeing you wear both your girls. Your back must be made of steel! Good wraps or not, that's still a lot of baby to be wearing!

  25. Looks great is right! This wrap looks so comfortable for Nolia! Great location for the pictures too! I love the background in the last one! Very cool!

  26. I have to ask you how much the girls weigh - my 7 month old is 20 pounds and I have a hard time carrying her, but she loves it. How much weight can that wrap handle?

  27. What absolutely beautiful pictures!

    Laurie in Minnesota

  28. I want to wrap someday, when I have kids... They look so comfy! I have checked out the Mei Tie, and a lot of other carriers but when i saw a demo of wrapping i was hooked! I wish I had one for the kids I sit for!

  29. I hve a sleepywrap. I LOVE my wrap. Tt's so great to carry my baby so close to my heart. It's possible to nurse in it too, although I haven't been able to do it subtely enough to do in public. I'm glad you like yours!

  30. My mom wore one with me (I had ear infections) and when I was pregnant she talked to me about making one and I don't think I thought a ton about it and got a bjorn. Then when my daughter started getting ear infections at 4 weeks old I started to think a little more about it and eventually bought 3 1/2 yards of fabric, cut it in half, sewed two ends together and hemmed it all up. The first time my mom showed me how to wrap my daughter I thought I was going to quit before I even started, but decided to give it a chance. I eventually had to make another one because I had used my first one so much it had a hole in it. :)

  31. I have never wrapped but am tempted now with my twins.......you're post may encourage me to try it out :):)

  32. yes i wrap, i live in israel, have three kids and have only one baby carrier a wrap made in israel called a tinokis, in hebrew it means baby pocket, very appropriate. i love love love it and do wear it as much as i can. it is the most comfortable way to wear children, enjoy yours! rosalie markfamily@gmail.com

  33. You know I love a wrap. Especially with a newborn, I can't wait to wrap up this new one is about three weeks. Wheee!

    Gorgeous shots of you. You are so adorable.

  34. What fun shots! Love love love.

    Someday I may wrap. If we upgrade from compost worms to, you know, children,

  35. I'm pregnant again and I'd LOVE a wrap! This will be my 2nd at home and all my first got was a snuggle and backpack too! I want to get something new but I don't even know where to start. Help!


  36. Haha Im laughing now after reading back through those comments. I'm the one who wrote about the "baby bump" in the 1st picture...I TOTALLY didnt realize it was nolias leg!!! how funny, thanks for pointing it out. although, i must say i was kind of excited for another potential little one in your future!!!


  37. I have a ring sling that travels with us EVERYWHERE!!! As much as I love it I would like to try some other baby wearing gear. I have been interested in the wrap, but have yet to venture that way. I am also considering a "Becco"(?) that someone is selling used. I think for #3 (crosses fingers) I will get a wrap to try out.

  38. when I had my second child I missed out on baby wearing cause I couldn't find any here locally. Now with my third on the way I've already ordered a meeup and would love to get my hands on another one, maybe a wrap would do :)

  39. I never have, but recently I've wanted to. My only problem is finances. They are just so expensive!

  40. I have the same one, but mine is more purple. I do love it. I was the same way about wraps!


  41. Well unfortunately when mine were little (even just 2 years ago) I thought all my choices were the snugglies. People seemed to think they were great, but it hurt back. I did buy a peanut shell when my 2 yr old was little, but I didn't like it, I'm thinking now my problem was I bought one way too big. This one does look neat. I could probably use it for my 2 and 1/2 year old b/c she is about the size of most 1 year olds, but is that weird? Do people wear their the kids at that age?

    P.S. Please tell how you take pics of yourself like that. PLEASE! O.K. so you must use a tripod, and a wireless remote...Right?
    How do you focus it where you want? etc. etc. please do a quick post on that:) :) :)

  42. I'm a converted 'wrapper'! I used a snugli (for about 1 week with my HUGE first baby), then found the Baby Trekker Carrier, which I used for #2 and #3. With #4, she just wanted to be carried all the time. I bought some broadcloth cotton from Walmart and it became our wrap. I loved it, baby loved it - it was fantastic!

    Unfortunately, baby (14 mos) does not love it anymore (she doesn't like being on my back). However, I have figured out I can tie a scarf diagonally across my torso and have her sitting on my hip, tied there by the scarf and we both love that one!

  43. LOVE wraps. I have two: a gypsymama and a storchenweige. We use the gypsymama most often, usually for our evening walks (you know it's a winner if you can walk for 3 miles each night baby-wearing your 9 month old!).

  44. I have yet to find a wrap I really love. Of course, mine have all been homemade doohickeys ;)
    I am saving my pennies to get a Gypsie Mama wrap though, I have heard fabulous things about them!

    And, seriously, could you be any more darling??? Love these photos!

  45. I love the Moby Wrap. But this one looks prettier!

  46. I adore babywearing, and wraps were how I started out with my 6 pound newborn. I could just pop him in and out all day long, leaving the wrap in place. Nothing was easier, prettier, or comfier. I still do wrap my son onto me, even at 15 months old, although usually on my back so he can see out better (over my shoulder). He loves it just as much as I do! It's adorable. I use a mei tei on occasion too, although my son doesn't seem to like it as much - I wish he could explain why! lol. As far as people mentioning the budget issue, next time you're expecting a baby, either register for one or ask a specific someone for it as a baby gift. Nothing better!
    And yeah... another thing: you can go to youtube and find all kinds of videos instructing various ways to wrap. I love that! So easy and accessible, even when the beginning learning curve is steepish. My current favorite way to wrap? Look for "rucksack with a twist" - the *only* way to grocery shop, lol. ;)

  47. for people wondering about baby's ages and weights for wraps: I have a friend who carries her 30 pound 3 year old wrapped on her back. Once the baby reaches a certain weight (probably different for each mama's build?), it is hard to carry them on your front anymore. I still can do it with my 23 pound fifteen-month-old boy, but not for as long. On my back, I can carry him for hours. Wraps distribute the weight so well between your shoulders, and depending on how you tie it, even on your lower back and/or abs.
    I did use a Moby wrap (stretchy, jersey material) until my boy was about 12 pounds, when it began to be too stretchy for my taste. Since then I have used a stiffer wrap, handwoven in Guatemala (it's an Ellaroo wrap). I plan on using this until... well, hopefully a very long time yet.
    Don't be afraid of wraps just because you think your baby is too old or too big. It's sure *worth* a try. :) If you're uncertain, find someone to borrow a wrap from before you make one or invest in buying one. There are also some websites (http://cottoncradles.com/policies.htm) that will basically let you rent something, should you decide it's simply not for you.

  48. bianca is our first girl i've used a wrap with...and i wish that i'd known about them with the other 3 girls! LOVE them.

    bee.you.tee.full pics! =)

  49. bianca is our first girl i've used a wrap with...and i wish that i'd known about them with the other 3 girls! LOVE them.

    bee.you.tee.full pics! =)

  50. I've only used a sling but will definately have a wrap with the next!

  51. MikeandKatie19/1/10, 5:09 AM

    Found it! Never mind!


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