"Please mom, can we keep her?!"

Please mom, can we keep her?!

And the winner is....
Okay, at first glance, I didn't even notice the bare bum. ;) And the look on his face just screamed "Please Mom, can we keep her?!" to me. =)
{I just LOVE this one... the boys are crazy in love with their sisters and if she wasn't ours they would probably ask to keep her/them}

There were SO MANY great captions!
Here are a few of my favorites...
"Not funny guys! Bring her diaper back NOW!" Blessings- laura from fl
Anita Or how about, "She's not heavy, she's my sister!"
GAMZu At the farm, everyone has a job. Holding the baby while waiting for the diapers to be laundered is just one of 'em.
me Hand full of hiney - heart full of love.
Misty Rice I love you to the "moon" and back.
Kelly "Oh Ma, please hurry!"
Anonymous Help me big Bro, I lost something and I can't find it.....

Barclay Kathryn Take the picture quick mom, before she has an accident!

So I KNOW you are dying to know what in the world was Vance doing carrying his bare bottomed sister around the farm.

WELL... Grayson and Vance were inside playing with Eliza and Nolia.

Gavin came inside to ask me to come with him to see something in the shop. I ask the boys if they would keep playing with their sisters and I would be back shortly.

I DID take a little longer than I expected AND I was moved via semi to the back of the farm with Dad, Ozzie and Gavin.

So when Vance came out just to say Hi and tell me that Nolia and taken off her diaper {oh my are we in trouble!} he had to walk quite a ways to find me.

He wasn't upset at all... quite the opposite. I think he was very excited that he had carried her the whole way without struggle.

Oh, how these boys LOVE their sisters!


Thank you everyone for playing along! I don't know how I got the best blog readers ever! Really I have NO idea! {grin}

You stick by me, even when I am SUPER slow at closing contests, finishing posts- ahem babywearing, and my trendy {grin} health talk.

So thank you! You are all wonderful!

Have a great night!
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  1. Such a cute moon shot! Love the story behind it.

  2. Totally love how sweet the boys are to Nolia and Eliza! Just melts my heart!

  3. Such a cute story behind this photo. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  5. My boys really sweet with their baby brother...wonder how precious it would have been for them to have a baby sister....Luke wanted Bowen to be a girl sooo bad..he even had a name picked out..Ali! Really cute caption! Sibling love is so sweet! Hope ya'll are having a blast on the farm....looks soo beautiful! Much love and blessings~erin

  6. Love the caption you picked and the story behind it! My oldest, who is 6, is always so proud when he carries one of our twin girls somewhere too.

  7. love the ideas for the pictures. They were FUNNY!

  8. No way!!! I've never won...okay, I've never played a name-that-photo game because I usually can't think of anything, but that time, the thought entered my mind the moment I saw the pic. =)

    I think it is so sweet that your boys love their sissies so much. It is definitely a reflection of the love and acceptance they feel from their Mom and Dad too, so you and Paul must be doing an awesome job! ;)

    I love your health talk, I don't think it's trendy at all--at least not in a negative sense. I know I press you for more sources a lot, but it is just because I want to read and learn more. =) Thanks for sharing the things you've learned!

    Take care!

  9. yes i am waiting for the babywearing post :) i want to buy a sling and im waiting for your opinion!

  10. What a cute picture! Love the bare butt!!

  11. lmao...I didn't notice the bare butt! It was a cute picture nonetheless!

  12. I was so excited to see that you even LIKED mine. I love watching your family adn I love the "natural" things you sheare. Thanks!
    Brenda from WI

  13. Oooh, I got honorable mention! :D ;)


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