have you...

...ever watched the sun SET?

I mean really watch it set...
and the sun slips below the horizon?

If I have before I sure don't remember it being this amazing.
I'm an urban girl, remember! {grin}

Our family drove the gators down, up and around the road...

until it was just about time to start the countdown.
This picture was countdown #7 I believe

{and if you would believe it... my camera went DEAD after this shot
talk about bad timing!}

This urban girl thought it was spectacular! I am amazed by Gods creations each and everyday. What a blessing!

so.... have YOU watched the sun set? If not, you really really should! {grin}
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  1. Yes, I have. Many times, often. I like the sunrises even more as I am an early morning guy.

    Brent (Abby's Dad)

  2. So cool. What a great photostory! YES, I have seen a sun set and rise and it is one of the most beautfiul, slow-motion things God created!

  3. My oldest daughter and I did that this summer! I agree.... amazing!

  4. Nope I haven't but obviously makes for great pictures! :)

  5. I have! Over our farm when it was covered in snow! Watched it go all the way down!

  6. When we're out on the coast we love to watch it set! The whole going, going, GONE thing is quite mesmerizing.

    VANCE! So cute!!

  7. I love watching the sun SET. It's one of the most peaceful times of the day for me. For awhile there, a group of us from my church were meeting to pray at the beach just before sunset and then watching it together. What a beautiful God time it was!! We should do that again. :)

  8. Yes I love watching the sun set it is amazing!! :) What great pictures! Your children will love looking back at these!

  9. what beaitiful pics! Isn't it amazing the everyday wonders/gifts God gives us that we take for granted so often, you have made me want to just sit and watch the sun set now.

  10. Yes, I have watched the sun set many times. But have always had a difficult time with figuring out the correct aperture and shutter speed. Never did get a good photograph.

    Living on the east coast, I have seen some pretty fabulous sunrises too!

  11. I know this is totally beside the point of this entire post but...

    You have Gators?! My boys have been obsessed with John Deere Gators for going on two years now! They've never been able to actually ride in one. Oh,they'd be so jealous to see this!

    Did you know there's an entire CD of John Deere songs with one dedicated to the Gator? I've heard it so many times I could scream, but the kids love it.

    Kay, so now it's obvious I grew up in farmland USA right? lol

  12. Yes, it has become a part of the routine at night for the kids to go see the sunset. We have three kids under three and when it is time for bed we go up to my husbands and my room and we look at the sunset and we point out the different colors and then we pray as a family and thank God for what he has given us. Each time we see the sunset we tell the kids, "What kind of picture did God paint for you tonight." I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks so much!

  13. Yes, I have and it's a really lovely time of day here too.

    Two of my favourite places I've watched the sun go down were Uluru in Central Australia...and Oia, a town on Santorini..the Greek Island. Magnificent.


  14. Beautiful...the camera went dead because you were meant to enjoy the moment and not focus on photographing it! :)

  15. Yes, I have. Was on a cruise a few years ago and it was just wonderful. My husband had a camera and I had a camera and we were snapping away. :0)

  16. So pretty!

    We are headed to Tennessee for vacation Friday. Staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Looking forward to a week of beautiful sunsets too.

  17. I love the look on Paul's face...he looks blissfully satisfied. :)

  18. We have watched that identical sunset many times and it's always new to us. So glad you are enjoying your time on the farm--priceless memories for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Your photographs are amazing...the first one, I would like to get my hands on.....It's so peaceful looking, and the 4th also. You are blessed to spend time out in the open land, with your family. I am so envious. Thank you for sharing. You may have answered this on a previous post, but are you revealing an address where you can receive mail?


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