Happy 10 months girls!

How can it be...
10 months already!

That's only 2 more months until you are ONE!

it WILL be okay! {grin}


You are BOTH.

crawling everywhere
pulling up on everything
standing on your own for a few seconds
find everything on the floor to eat
take toys back and forth from each other
giggle like crazy
have enough hair to wear bloomz hair flowers and clips
22 1/2 lbs.
size 3-4 disposables & Large bg's
6-12 month dresses
12-18 month tops and bottoms
size 6-12 month pedipeds
6-9 month see kai run shoes are getting tight
pull moms hair like crazy
love your maracas, measuring spoons and raz baby teethers
take baths in the kitchen sink
wake up 1-2 times a night to eat
on the same schedule
sleep in the same crib
eat avocado & applesauce with calcium
snack on tj's freeze dried bananas & dried mango
teeth/eat on carrots, peppers, cucumbers & roma tomatoes
just moved into big girl car seats for the trip
stopped sucking your thumbs
take one long {3 hour} nap and one short {1 hour} nap each day
say mama, dada, baba, papa, and a few other unknowns
sounds like you try to say brothers
have 4 teeth {2 top, 2 bottom}
getting 4 more teeth {all at once}
can crawl around without using your knees... super cute!
make different scrunched up faces
play with my and your hair while you nurse
still primarily nurse
have curly hair
play with each others hair
getting REALLY hard to take pictures of. {grin}

.Eliza you.

are super fast at climbing up the stairs
sing yourself to sleep
are VERY ticklish
have a higher pitched yell

.Nolia you.

can escape almost any buckle
try to stand up all the time
are selectively ticklish {like your mama}
have a lower pitched yell

Girls... I love you more than you can imagine!
Happy 10 months!!!

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  1. Oooh! They are just darling! They stopped sucking thumbs? Were you sad? If my almost 11 month boy stops so soon, I will cry! it is so precious!
    You have two adorable blessings, and you capture the moments with them so well.

  2. One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is 'the bitsy bean'. They also have very cute hair clips and such. Just thought you may like it as well. :)
    ps. The girls are adorable and time sure does fly!

  3. I can not believe it!! Happy 10 Months!!!

  4. They are sooooo darling.

    HAPPY 10 MONTHS! It doesn't seem like that long.. wow!

  5. So cute!! Love the picture and their clips! (I'll have to check out bloomz for my 4 y.o....) My little one just turned 10 months, and it was HARD! Only two months until "1" IS NOT long enough anymore!!! :(

  6. I have to admitt you don't know me but I love reading your blogs... I love all the pictures of your kids and those twin girls are BEAUTIFUL... I really enjoyed the story of how you and your husband got together and it has given me hope!!! Thanks so much for sharing you have such a beautiful family... Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  7. Happy 10 months little ones! My, how time flies!!!

  8. As much as I thought it was cute when my daughter Abby was a baby, I WISH she would have stopped sucking her thumb on her own. She will be 4 in less than a month and is still doing it...constantly! Anyone have any ideas on how we can get her to stop without causing a whole lot of trauma?...to her or us :)

  9. so sweet! Couldn't be more precious!

  10. Wow, they are so much bigger than my 10 month old, born just a week after yours. Still only 17 1/2 lbs! I love their plumpin' little cheeks.

  11. Its also funny that yours just stopped thumb-sucking. Mine JUST started. Its cute but I'm hoping it won't last because my two-year old thumbsucker's thumbs are always puffy and pretty overall atrocious looking.

  12. Too cute! They are getting so big!

  13. Love your post. My girl turned 11 months today.... I need to do a similar write up for her. Thanks for reminding me !

  14. What a great age :) So precious and beautiful too!

  15. I know what you mean! My baby is 10 1/2 months. I recognized a lot of what you wrote in that it applies to him; well except for the girly stuff. :) He also primarily nurses, and still wakes up 1 or 2 time a night. But he has 6 teeth and sometimes bites. Ouch!
    They're adorable!

  16. They are so cute!! How could it be 10 months already!? we just hit the 6 month mark !! Did they get their teeth at the same time? we are still toothless but I wonder if being ID makes that happen together?

  17. very very beaituful...muck:)Happy 10 months!!

  18. Twin girls are SUCH a blessing. Isn't it fun to see their differences? Very beautiful - happy 10 months to you!!

  19. Wow, 10 months already!!

    Gorgeous girls!

  20. Wow..10 mts..my little one turned 11mts yesterday.
    She does pretty much the same things...
    except she has only 1 pearly white..lol..and does not say as many words..
    she sure is a billy goat...putting anything and everything in her mouth...
    She is my sweet,sweet LeeLee..our darling 5th born.

  21. I can't believe they are so close to turning one! They are so cute!

  22. Hmmmm ... I've never noticed curly hair on either girl. Looks stick straight to me. Okay, maybe one of them has one curl on a humid day, but I've never noticed it as actually curly.

  23. I was going to ask where you got their hair clips from and then I saw the link..I'm going to have to check them out because they are adorable!

    I love how you're documenting everything for them...so sweet! Such a perfect picture too...they're just adorable!

  24. Your sweet baby girls are simply two of the most adorable babies I've ever seen. I can tell your family is filled with love, laughter, and a sense of connectedness.

  25. Hey Britt,

    Do you think the girls are mirror-image twins?? It looks like their hair wants to part on different sides... :)

  26. Happy 10 months you little cuties!

  27. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!
    How does time go by so fast?? My son used to hum himself to sleep... we called him our little hummingbird. He was LOUD sometimes too! LOL! So sweet.
    Happy month day beautiful girls!

  28. Hello! Your gilrs are adorable. They must keep you extra busy, but its all worth it. Must be fun buying a two of everything. :)

  29. They are amazing and a true blessing from the Lord. You are such a good mama! I think you will have more!

  30. Awe 10 months already! They are just too cute :)

  31. Awww almost a year already!!

    Soo precious...

    I love how you document things they both do and things they do as individuals...it's awesome...and will be great to look back on years down the road...

    You have such a beautiful family!



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