it's been a while...

4 almost 5 days without blogging...
I've missed you all!

It's been packing packing crazy around here...
that and a FULL 2 day homeschool conference.
park play dates.
visiting with family, friends & even a fellow blogger.
and trying to eat everything out of the house! {grin}

My camera is FULL of pictures...
although not many of them are from the past few days.

We took these pictures last week...
in an attempt to catch the perfect 10 month pictures of the girls.

as you can see...

Nolia discovered how fun it is to stick her tongue out.

Fun... yes! The picture I was hoping for... no!
but that's okay. {grin}

and Eliza was fascinated by her wild brothers.
Nolia has learned how to wave and it is positively adorable!
and now Nolia is fascinated by her wild brothers

and then they just decided to eat grass and sticks.
they really enjoy eating nature... a LOT

okay... I feel better now that I have blogged. I was feeling withdraw... and I know you were too! Ha!

Now it's back to doing everything under the sun in preparation for our trip.

For those who emailed about meeting us along the way... I have not forgotten you. You will be receiving an email from me shortly!

Hopefully it will be before FOUR in the morning... which is how late-early I stayed up last night. It is just SO peaceful in the middle of the night! {grin}
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  1. Can't believe Im the first one to write!! HA! Love the pics of the girls-they are just so precious!!!! You dress them so cute! Good luck on your journey - we are in Indiana - little north of Indy - it would be so fun to meet you! I have 3 boys - 6,4,2! Keep us posted!!!

  2. You have the most beatuiful babies! They are perfect. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Keep us updated!


  3. Ok, so the girls look so precious and the boys are MIA (playing)! Love how you took the shots of the girls for their 10 month b-day. Good luck is so much fun right!? I have to agree w/you that the late-early morning is the best time to get things done!
    Have a great week!

  4. Have fun on your trip! Packing for the trip is at least better than unpacking from a trip :) love the photos of the girls...

  5. Wow those pictures are absolutely precious! Your babies are growing up!!

  6. You've inspired me to hand the camera over to PapaBear and see what he can come up with...

    Hope to see you soon!

  7. Drive so safely!

    I'll be thinking about you!

    Packing x 8 must be a daunting task.

    We're living out of backpacks for awhile...but that's only packing x 2!


  8. Oh my gosh...the twins are so cute. I love the way they hang onto your pant legs. They'll be off & running soon.

    Busy days ahead for your family.

    Have a nice vacation.

  9. A friend of mine (IRL) was saying that she admires you because you seem to manage your house hold so well..."SIX KIDS, HOW DOES SHE DO THAT" she just kept saying.

  10. So that first one, which shows a lot of possible personality! It will be fun for you to compare that shot with them in about 10 years!
    Have a fun and safe trip....we're flying to WI we'll be there, if that's on your way......Particularly if you happen to be driving on I90/94 from Chicago through WI towards Madison............

  11. I have to say that I think you DID capture the perfect 10 mo. shot. It's the last one of them eating grass and sticks. etc. That is just too much. LOL

  12. SUPER cute pictures! What is it with babies and grass?!? My almost 10 month old feasted on a salad of leaves, grass, and pine straw the other day when we were at the river!

  13. I was so excited to see two of your posts in my reader this morning!

  14. Cute photos! As you know, I rather like this pose myself (smile)! I love, love, love their dresses.

    Have a great trip!

  15. 10 Months old?!?! Where has time gone? They are growing so fast and getting cuter by the day!!

    Cant wait to hear from you about meeting up!

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  18. Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE :)

  19. Soooo darling! I just love when they start waving :)

  20. You have precious children and those girls are gorgeous! I was wondering if you had any tips for me on photography? I just was gifted a Canon Rebel XSi and am trying to figure it out...

    Any help would be appreciated!

  21. Love the tongue, sticking out and they are just such cuties in their matching dresses!

    P.S. Can I pretend to hate you for your thighs? ; )

  22. Those are positively the most adorable pictures ever!!! :)

  23. Positively adorable! And I know it's only the bottom half of you, BUT YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

  24. Gorgeous Pictures! Where are you going? I think I missed that?

    Have a nice Tuesday!

  25. Great pics of the girls. They are growing up so fast!!

    By the way, I love your booty ladybug wings in the first two pics. :)

  26. Those dresses are just too cute...where did you find them??

  27. Oh. my. goodness. I'd say you got some pretty special shots! Those girly twins of yours are scrumptious!

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  30. These pictures are so sweet!

    Have a safe trip...can't wait to see pictures of the farm!

    Wish we were in your road trip path! But we're not anywhere near!

  31. Fun 10month pictures of the girls:) Enjoy your fun trip with your sweet family:)

  32. Love these photos.

  33. LOVE your jeans. Where did you get them from and what brand are they?


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