Today is the day...

We are hitting the road this morning...
even though it's night right now our departure is only a few hours away.

We're excited!
Embarking on a new adventure
an adventure in so many ways.

our water has been turned off
the electric has been shut down
the mail has been forwarded
the fridge has been emptied
the van has been packed {almost}

For those interested in meeting up...

We'll be stopping in:
Valparaiso, IN
I-80 Mississippi Valley Welcome Center
Chaska, MN {or close by}

with a few -er- lot of fill, stretch, regroup stops in between.

If you're interested in meeting up and haven't let me know or haven't heard back from me...

send an email to

I'll be updating about our road trip everyday... it should be a blast!
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  1. Have a blast and enjoy your vacation at the farm :)

  2. Have a wonderful trip!!! Be safe! I grew up in parents still live there. Such a small world!!

    Lara :-)

  3. have a wonderful trip! MN is awesome ... my home away from home :) I have lots of family in Chaska.

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to read updates from the road.

  5. Safe and blessed travels to you all!! :)

  6. have a great time!! i wish that chaska was a few hours closer and we'd come on over and visit. ;0) and happy belated ten months to the girls. wow!! it flies by. they're adorable. :0)

  7. Hope you have an awesome trip!!

  8. have a great trip! How long will you guys be gone?

  9. If you are stopping in Chaska, a good stop would be the Chaska Arboretum. It's a great stop to let the kids run off steam and for beautiful photos.

    Have a good trip!

  10. How exciting! Have a great time!

  11. where is the farm again? And how long will you be on the road/ gone? Whose farm is it? Have a very blessed travel and time with your family.

  12. Have a wonderful vacation...and a safe trip..cannot wait to read updates from the road... :)

    Take lots of pics please..hehe


  13. Hey, Valpo is right around the corner from me. I was actually there yesterday! When are you going to be passing through there??

  14. Hope your drive went well!
    Have fun in MN, it's an Awesome place. Talk to you later!



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