Random Picture Challenge

8th folder - July
25th picture
{if you don't have this far back pick the next closest year}

Oh my, this picture makes me laugh! This is so something I do...
they act fussy over something silly, I giggle and take a picture

This was at my parents house, it was July 2002 and we were celebrating the "July Guys" birthdays.
Grayson was 22 months and Vance was 6 months.
The had on matching shirts that day
{see I even liked matching back then!}

That was right before we started using cloth diapers... we used Huggies but Grayson doesn't have a huggie on.
Have no idea what brand those are or where we got the. I think I vaguely remember running out and having to borrow from the neighbor??

I still have those white linen pants... and actually just put them on today. How ironic is that!
Those were some of my favorite flip flops... they broke eventually.
I still paint my toe nails 'french manicure' too... that or red!

That sure is a lot of 'remembering' from one silly picture!


Now it's your turn!
Have fun!
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  1. I too, take pictures of the kids at crazy times !

  2. Cute. I know my photo's don't go back that far, but I'll go see how "old" I can get! ;-)

  3. Sharp memory you have, friend.

    All my pics from that year were from a 35mm camera. I remember lots of events from that summer!

  4. Love this picture and all of your memories from it! It's fun to see pictures of your older boys when they were just little!

  5. I love the un-posed, not super smiley pictures. That's life, after all :)

  6. I didn't have a digital camera in 2002 and I'm too lazy this morning to scan something in so I went with the next closest - Winter 2005.
    Wow, it's crazy how much I remember from 4 years ago :)

  7. I could only do 2003, but I did the best I could!

  8. I love the foot headlock LOL!

  9. Hi Brittany, I just totally messed up on the mister linky...I don't even know how to delete. Sorry! Have a happy day. Nicole

  10. That is so funny. I try to capture those wiggy moods that my little monkeys get once in awhile. My older one usually runs and hides when he sees me with the camera. We can't capture ONLY the happy moments. We have to remember it ALL.

    I love this challenge, by the way. It's fun to see, at random, what's stored in the archives.

  11. I love your challenge but this is the first time I've joined in, thanks so much for hosting it! I read you blog often, but usually in passing, and I love it! This is my commitment to stop being a lurker and start commenting! :)

  12. Some of my favorite pics and memories are of my children pouting or crying in the camera. I can almost hear them.

    July 25 is my birthday!! I don't have digital files from then, but I was 39 and had a five month old baby along with a 13 yo daughter and a 10 1/2 yo son. The daughter is getting married next month and the son is graduating from high school next month. TIME FLIES!!!!

  13. Love it! Those candid shots are the best!

  14. I love all the memories these pictures bring back! I don't have pics back to 2002 so I had to settle for 2004. Happy Saturday!

  15. This is my first time to join in, but it was really fun looking back on old memories!
    Thanks for hosting this!

  16. It is so fun to look back at photos. I had to get out our old photo albums for this one!

  17. This is the first random picture challenge I've done ;) Fun! It brought back great memories!!

  18. Such a cute photo, love the toes too!

  19. I love taking pics of them during those times!!!! So ironic you put those same pants on today :)

  20. Love those quick snap photos of random moments. Thanks for hosting the random picture challenge!


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